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@jk I'd say that personally, I probably take more pictures on a single road trip now than I would have taken in a year with an Old School Camera (half of which I would probably never have had developed beyond negatives). So probably one year of phone pics would be more than my 20 years of fairly typical film photography.

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@jk "now see when you blow up the bomb on point b, right before you blow it up it says 'DO ALL YOUR SHOPPING' and right after it explodes it says 'AT WALMART' [horn] and long story short my friend is going to slap me and leave the room fuming after that"

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@jk this is the highest form of game design, I say this as someone who works on the fuckin things as a job

yeah in 2006 i was doin this ludonarrative storytelling yeah??? thats what i was doing when i was making counter strike maps with hammers that fell out of walls & played everyone's least-favorite songs

also, looking through these old files??? its reminded me that in 2006 the highest (and id say still to this day most valuable) form of humor was "inviting your friend onto your multiplayer video game server onto a map which they think they are familiar with, but has actually been subtly altered and had secret and annoying rooms/messages/jokes added which are specifically tailored to said friend"

i wonder when the "number of photographs taken using a phone, ever" eclipsed the "number of photographs taken using a camera, ever". i'm sure it's happened by now

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looking at various old files i saved from the web im reminded that most of the images on the internet c. 2005 were essentially usually something like this

heres a web page i saved off the internet in 2004. this is what it was like Before everybody went big on synths & started wanting to pay $500 for a DX21 like it is these days. u couldnt fuckin walk anywhere without trippin over a DX7. peopled pay you to take one

plugged in an old hard drive. immediately found this cursed folder

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this guy has 1 video on youtube. and its that. imagine being that successful. only 1 video and its that

i watch this video about once every year. feel like its important to my psychic wellbeing/development as a person. and guess what! its time !!

kylie minogue invented future funk

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water/earth, or as I've taken to calling it, water+earth, ...

ive been accused of being down on computers so i want to applaud them when they uhh, do the thing theyre supposed to

an hour or two ago i copied a 60 GB 7z archive from an external drive to an internal SATA SSD. then just now i unzipped the archive onto an nvme SSD. and for the first 2/3 of the process it was going at about 400-500 MB/s, but then, for like the last 15 or so GB of the file, it went up to about 1000-2000 MB/s!!!! because that part was still in the cache!!!!! wow!!!!!!! computers actually work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@jk find a good stream or a drippy mountain stone and you've got yrself a natural fresh water filtered fresh filtered water source

love to drink water - thats why i live here - planet Earth !!! dont be fooled though. theres water on it as well. its one of those things like iceland and greenland. there IS water on planet earth!!!! lets just say sol 3 and forget the earth thing. ur mostly coming here for the water right!!! not just the earth. although there is a LOT of earth. also you cant drink a lot of the water because ehhhh, well the rocks and the earth underneatyh the water kinda, well, waters a good solvent. anyway

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