These aren't even the "quiet parts" now.

They're just The Parts.

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AI, visual arts, textocentrism 

Tools like DALL-E 2* make me think that writing is becoming, paradoxically, the main medium of visual art. The input is text, the output is an image – and then more text is needed to make sense of such image, which functions as interface between texts. The image processing also happens via text, namely, code.

* openai.com/dall-e-2/

(I automatically posted this to birdsite and regretted it, as I don't want to post 'original' thoughts there, hence the pseudo-repost here)

$LUNA is trading at or below $0.01, down from its price of $80–90 last week

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Molly White is the creator of the "Web3 is going just great" project which tracks the latest news of cryptocurrency/NFT disasters, scams and collapses. You can follow at:

➡️ @molly0xfff (White's account)

➡️ @web3isgreat (project account)

The project's website is at web3isgoinggreat.com and features a useful interactive timeline of the news items.

#MollyWhite #Web3IsGoingJustGreat #Web3 #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #Tokens #Coins #NFTs #NFT #News #Financial #Money #Scams #Technology #Business

Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*

Glowing clothes from 1965, made with phosphorescent rosary beads, by Roberto Capucci.

"It has to do with Capucci's vision of the woman of the future: 'I saw her entering a dark nightclub like a lunar apparition.'" - LIFE, October 1965

Source: irenebrination.typepad.com/ire

For years, I was in the top 50 users by karma on Hacker News.

That ended in 2020, when I complained about how silent the site was being on the murder of George Floyd. The result was a pile of angry messages telling me that it was "just a tech site" and its operators should "keep politics out of it."

When a community tells you who they are, believe them.

A "hybrid" course at #CHI2022 in which the instructor and all registered (paying) attendees were remote. Someone was guarding the door to make sure nobody snuck in to watch the Zoom session being projected to the completely empty room.

“Abrasive and insufferable” is not a personality type that makes you good at programming.

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