Vim quicktip #1: Use `%` to jump between brackets. This works for `()`, `{}`, and `[]` by default, but can be changed using `:set matchpairs`.

Plugins like vim-elixir and vim-ruby add `b:match_words` like `do`, `end` and `else`, to quickly jump to a block's `end`, for example.

@jkreeftmeijer Alright I've been wondering for too long, is Vim/Emacs actually good or all of you just pretending? I'm not kidding I seriously can't tell. I think you're being honest but that piece of advice sounds like it comes from a Darker Timeline.

@artieleach Vim's modular editing is the quickest way to edit and move around files I've used, and I prefer doing all development work in the terminal.

But yes, we're mostly pretending. That message was Vimspeak for "you can use % to jump between brackets". I might have overdone it with the backticks. 😬

So, what's your favorite editor?

@jkreeftmeijer Nano, of course! Nah I use a lot of Atom and Pycharm. I get that in theory it's faster to use keyboard shortcuts/the terminal for everything, but that doesn't really work for me. it makes everything feel like one file rather than separate entities, if that makes sense.


@artieleach ha, I literally can't open, edit and save a file in Nano.

My whole setup is basically tmux in a terminal with Vim as my editor. tmux allows for windows and tabs to be able to keep projects and files separate.

Used Atom for a bit, too, by the way. Loved its plugins and actually-sane defaults.

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