Started as a first step to being sure my published update/photo backlog isn't lost if for some reason Twitter stops allowing me to download my archive, my Mastodon instance falls over, or my old image service finally decides to kick the bucket.

Currently, it involves writing updates as markdown files, then passing the file to a local script that does some conversion and posts it on Mastodon. Non-replies are then crossposted to Twitter from there.

Ideally, this would have a posting interface that pushes markdown files to a git repository, which has hooks to convert and syndicate each update to the correct location, depending on its contents and what it replies to, for example.

@jkreeftmeijer You could instead host your own Mastodon instance ...

@mvz I might publish from there through ActivityPub eventually.

I didn‘t start my own instance because I didn’t want to have to keep it running. Right now, all updates are in a git repository, and that page is statically generated. Also, I’d like to post updates that only get syndicated to a single place, and not necessary to Mastodon (like Reddit, for example).

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