Remapped the Caps Lock key on my keyboard to Escape instead of Control, because that’s apparently what you should do. Had to remove the Esc keycap to actually use it. Still pressing the uncapped Escape key, before realising it’s on the home row now.

It turns out remapping Caps Lock to Esc is apparently not the thing people do anymore. It’s Control again. As always; ignoring trends for long enough will make them go away.

So, I’ll also try remapping Caps Lock to Control, but actually using it this time. Since Control + [ can be used as Escape, that’d result in having Caps Lock as Control, and Caps Lock + [ as Escape.

@jkreeftmeijer I like to remap Caps to Escape, and Caps+Other Keys to Control+Other Key. You can have both. :)


@oz That’s a great tip, thanks! Tried that with Karabiner-Elements ( and a custom modification ( last night, and it seems nice so far.

The delay is a little too long for my liking, still, but I only run into that when pressing Caps Lock to exit insert mode, and immediately saving with :w in Vim.

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