As with the Pomodoro technique, Getting Things Done works wonders for me for a couple of weeks. Then I just… stop doing it. Any tips to making it stick?

@jkreeftmeijer keep changing techniques every couple of weeks? 🤷‍♂️

I have the same problem!

@judofyr I don’t really switch techniques aside from switching from being enthusiastic about GTD and trying to keep everything in my head again. 🐒

I was advised to be more strict about weekly reviews, which I’ll try.

@jkreeftmeijer I seem to stick with GTD when I'm not so busy but then it just goes by the wayside when I get busy.

@Skryking Exactly. I simply stop taking the time to write everything down and check tasks off my list, which causes out-of-date todo lists and me keeping everything in my head again. 🐒

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