Github Gists: 7 easy steps to push a local repository.

1. Go to
2. Type “coming soon” in the text box
3. Click “Create public Gist”
4. Copy the clone URL
5. `git remote add origin <url>`
6. `git push origin master -f`
7. There is no step 7!

Joking aside, is this still the easiest way to do this, or has this space been disrupted since I started doing it like this ten years ago?

@jkreeftmeijer source hut allows you to just push to a URL and it will automatically create the repo.

@jkreeftmeijer I stopped using gists ever since they started to require login to view or search or something?

@jkreeftmeijer if you're using it as a snippet *repo* just use a srht repo called "snippets"? Idk.

@jonn Ah, I didn’t know that, actually.

I use Gists for quick snippets, but also to put my writing in for per-article revision control. I might have to move to a full-blown repo then. 🤔

@jkreeftmeijer I abuse branches for per-item revision control. For example my small program “archive-trap” for naive configuration management and bootstrapping basically just commits things into completely independent from each other branches.

Git is powerful and handles it really well.

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