A long shot, but does anyone have any experience with transcribing audio? How is it done?

I tried slowing the audio down through VLC to be able to keep up with typing, but that makes it difficult to understand what’s being said. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some easier way.

I’m afraid I can’t outsource this. I’ll going to have to do it myself, so I’m looking for a tool or a trick I can try.

Thanks all! I’m trying Amazon Transcribe, and will clean it up manually using slow playback in VLC.

@jkreeftmeijer so, kind of outsourced after all but not really but yes?

@jonn Yeah, could have been clearer on that. I can’t have another person do the transcribing (because reasons), but I’m fine with running it through Transcribe.

Thanks for your suggestion, by the way! :)

@jkreeftmeijer thanks for posting the answer, it's nice to know that there are ways. Looking forward to hear about your experiences with Transcribe..

@jkreeftmeijer also, I'm sorry for my suggestion to be a bit useless, since I actually was unable to find one reasonably swiftly!

@jonn Nah, reaching out to actual transcribers is certainly a good idea. Express Scribe was suggested, which looks like a good option if I’ll have to do this more often.

@jkreeftmeijer I would suggest you to contact any podcast with a transcribtion to get the contacts of transcribers and then ask them directly.

@jkreeftmeijer My partner used f4transkript in her Master’s Thesis. It’s not free but worked well.

Another tool that comes to mind is Praat but I think that’s more geared toward phonetic analysis/transcription.

@janw Those look great indeed. I’m taking Amazon Transcribe for a spin (which looks like it’ll transcribe Dutch), but I’ll certainly try these out if that doesn’t work out. Thanks!

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