I’ve been working on a test runner for called Shine.

I’m planning the first release, so It’d be great if you could try using it in your Gleam or Erlang project, and let me know of any issues (or test result differences with eunit) you find. ❤️

It’s still very early days, but it’s reached its first milestone this week, which was running Gleam’s stdlib test suite.

For 0.1.0 (the first proper release), I’ll focus on improving the UX by counting failures, and improving the console output.

I just released Shine 0.1.0! Features:

- Runs EUnit test suites in both Gleam and Erlang projects
- Finds and loads tests to run automatically through rebar3
- Prints how many tests were run, and how many failed
- Returns non-zero exit codes in case of failures (for CI)

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