Alright, I’m writing and another Vim micro plugin to automatically switch between `bg=light` and `bg=dark` based on macOS’s dark mode.

Follow along for some live-micro-blogging! 🧵

First things first. We need to know when to switch the background color. We’ll check `defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle`, which produces `Dark\n` when macOS’s dark mode is turned on.

In Vim, as a boolean:

:echom system("defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle") == "Dark\n"

We can use an if-statement to set `bg=dark` if it’s currently “light”, and vice versa:

:if &bg == "light" | set bg=dark | endif

:if &bg == "dark" | set bg=light | endif

Combining these, we can set our background color based on the `AppleInterfaceStyle`:

:if system("defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle") == "Dark\n"
: if &bg == "light" | set bg=dark | endif
: if &bg == "dark" | set bg=light | endif

With our prototype done, let’s build that plugin. After settling on a name, we’ll create a directory and a file to store our plugin in.

$ mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-nightfall/plugin
$ nvim ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-nightfall/plugin/nightfall.vim

In nightfall.vim, we'll define a function:

function UpdateBackground()
if system("defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle") == "Dark\n"
if &bg == "light" | set bg=dark | endif
if &bg == "dark" | set bg=light | endif

Let’s try our function. To load our file, call `:source %` (`%` is a shortcut for the current file).

Then, we can switch the background by running `:call UpdateBackground()`. It should switch to match macOS’s background mode. 🎉

We’ll use autocommands, which fire automatically when a certain trigger happens. In our case, we’ll call our function when Vim gains focus (`FocusGained`) or when entering a buffer (`BufEnter`):

:autocmd FocusGained,BufEnter * call UpdateBackground()

To add our autocommand to our plugin, we’ll wrap it in an `augroup` to make sure it’s reloaded properly when we load the plugin multiple times, for whatever reason:

augroup nightfall
autocmd FocusGained,BufEnter * call UpdateBackground()
augroup END

That’s it! Sourcing our plugin once more, we can switch macOS’s appearance to dark mode and have Vim automatically follow when it gains focus.

That’s it for now! Please take it for a spin and let me know if you find something I can improve on.

Have a smart configuration in your ~/.vimrc yourself? Turn it into a plugin! A good place to start (and the source of most of my VimL-fu) is learnvimscriptthehardway.steve.

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