That’s it! Sourcing our plugin once more, we can switch macOS’s appearance to dark mode and have Vim automatically follow when it gains focus.

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The bathroom has more cabinet space than we need. That’s convenient, as it allows us to not open the cabinet with the forgotten half set of dentures ever again. 😨

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We only use one of the bedrooms. One of the other ones is locked, as it’s filled with furniture that’s yet to be moved out. Same goes for the garage in the back yard, which is filled to the brim.

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A canoe trip in Norway in 2017. We pitched our tent on a slope, so I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I decided to keep the fire going. It didn’t really get any darker than this.

One of my favorite productivity tips is to unwatch all repositories you don’t need to read every update from.

By default, you’ll watch everything in your organization, which is probably overkill. If you unwatch, you’ll only get notified when you’re mentioned or participating.

I’ve been experimenting with with grayscale syntax highlighting on and off a couple of weeks now. I think it looks nice, and I’m not missing the colors at all.

Meet Grim, a work-in-progress Vim theme based on Dim, but with monochrome colors for code.

In case you were wondering if you can run PropEr on Gleam (as I was); yes you can, by patching rebar3_proper to accept `.gleam` files and importing external functions from `proper` and `proper_types`.

As my first foray into using a language server in my editor, I’ve installed coc.nvim and coc-elixir for an Elixir language server that provides automatic code completion, compiler checks and Dialyzer analysis.

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I wrote a script that visualises recursive function calls in Elixir by printing and counting each call to help estimate its order of growth, and to help with debugging or understanding recursive functions.

I'm not dealing with fuzzy file finders this time around. Instead, I’ll use ctags to jump between files, `:b` to juggle open buffers and [I’ve configured Vim’s built-in netrw to help navigate project directory structures](

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I switched from the default color scheme to Dim ( It’s a clone of the default, but it uses ANSI colours exclusively and is consistent on light and dark backgrounds.

I configure colours in my terminal profile instead of dealing with Vim’s schemes.

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Forget that last screenshot. For some reason (which could've been me tinkering with it), it switched to the dark background setting. Fun fact; if you do that, the actual colours change in the default theme.

Here's how it looks now with the default setting (`:set bg=light`).

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I threw out my Vim configuration to start over again.

Here’s here's my ~/.vim (, if you’d like to follow along while I add configuration back. It’s working surprisingly well so far, actually.

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