Joking aside, window.css has been great for a project I’ve been working on.

This gif was created by stitching together screenshots of HTML pages with `<pre>` tags, which were generated by converting a byte stream recorded from the terminal to HTML using ANSI escape sequences.

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Not too fond of this new terminal. The formatting is off, and running commands takes long enough for me to wonder if somebody went off to manually find the results.

On the ground floor the wall-to-wall carpet, radiators, door- and window frames, paneling, everything is painted in shades of green. A brave choice. I love it.

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I gave in. Instead of using netrw and ctags to navigate like I said I would, I installed fzf again. I’m really liking the new-to-me preview window. I’ve also added fzf.vim highlight colors to Dim ( to limit it to using ANSI colors.

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Another great thing about coc.nvim is its ability to automatically format files on save through its plugins.

I've turned on automatic formatting for Elixir and Rust files by adding both to `coc.preferences.formatOnSaveFiletypes` in `coc-settings.json`.

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That’s it! Sourcing our plugin once more, we can switch macOS’s appearance to dark mode and have Vim automatically follow when it gains focus.

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The bathroom has more cabinet space than we need. That’s convenient, as it allows us to not open the cabinet with the forgotten half set of dentures ever again. 😨

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We only use one of the bedrooms. One of the other ones is locked, as it’s filled with furniture that’s yet to be moved out. Same goes for the garage in the back yard, which is filled to the brim.

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A canoe trip in Norway in 2017. We pitched our tent on a slope, so I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I decided to keep the fire going. It didn’t really get any darker than this.

One of my favorite productivity tips is to unwatch all repositories you don’t need to read every update from.

By default, you’ll watch everything in your organization, which is probably overkill. If you unwatch, you’ll only get notified when you’re mentioned or participating.

I’ve been experimenting with with grayscale syntax highlighting on and off a couple of weeks now. I think it looks nice, and I’m not missing the colors at all.

Meet Grim, a work-in-progress Vim theme based on Dim, but with monochrome colors for code.

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