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The next iteration of my blog might just be a single RSS feed which is syndicated by a something that creates an index and publishes the articles as separate HTML pages.

I’ll call it ✨ “RSS-first blogging” ✨.

$ ln -s from ../../to
$ ls -l
$ rm ../../to
$ ln -s ../../to from
$ ls -l
lrwxr-xr-x […] from -> ../../to


In general; all of my code is available at (here be dragons). If you’re unsure about licensing, reach out and I’ll fix that.

If you ever find any of my code or writing republished somewhere, let me know so I can do something about it.

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Here’s a first for me: apparently, somebody is offering a “cracked” version of my six-year-old Apple TV app on their website, with my name on it.

Don’t download that. I have no idea what it is.

My project is open source with a permissive license (like everything I do unless I’m forced to do otherwise), available on Github, currently unbuildable, and superseded by an official (also free) version built by the developers of the API mine is consuming.

The code module in enough.css now uses `ui-monospace`, which results in SF Mono for `<code>` and `<pre>` blocks on Safari.

With that (and more than four years of production use), I went ahead and released 1.0. 🎉


Also, here’s a radical alternative idea to “simplify your sign up forms […] to increase your conversion rates”: don’t ask for gender, doofus. You don’t need it, and it’s none of your business.

Since you asked, here’s `rebar3_flamingo`. A rebar plugin that prints flamingos. 🦩

Joking aside, is this still the easiest way to do this, or has this space been disrupted since I started doing it like this ten years ago?

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Quick tip: `touch ~/.hushlogin` removes the login message when opening a new terminal window.

Github Gists: 7 easy steps to push a local repository.

1. Go to
2. Type “coming soon” in the text box
3. Click “Create public Gist”
4. Copy the clone URL
5. `git remote add origin <url>`
6. `git push origin master -f`
7. There is no step 7!

I’m writing down the approach I’ve been using for email, and the new Slack strategy I’ve recently adopted in something I'll call my “Communication Policy”. 🕴

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I create an empty root commit whenever I start a new git repository to allow me to rebase up to the first actual change. I almost never have to do that, but it’s great to have if I do.

$ git commit --allow-empty -m "$ git init"

Stand back, I think I’m building another static site generator.

erb inner="$(shell cat index.html)" layout.html.erb > _output/index.html

Make is terribly undervalued as a tool outside of compiling and linking programs.

Looking to get off Google Analytics? Good. You don’t need realtime stats for your blog.

A web log analyzer like is still a good option. I checked. I’m moving over to running a script that downloads my logs and generates a report whenever I’m curious.

The octopus itself was made by Joan Stark (jgs), who also made Rack’s lobster. The archive of Joan’s Geocities page is a treasure trove of great ASCII art.


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Came across Plug.Octopus again last week, and I still think it’s neat.

It’s based on Rack’s [lobster.rb](, and I’ve used it to test toy web servers with a couple of years back.

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