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We’ve been using Lintje internally for a couple of days, and my commit messages have increased by 37%!

I published my notes on extracting files and directories from Git repositories (while retaining history) because most search results recommend `git filter-branch`, which you should never use.

You can use Git’s `-m` option multiple times. The first is the subject line, and every subsequent one is a paragraph:

$ git commit -m "Subject" -m "First paragraph" -m "Second paragraph"

ProTip™: Add unique typos to your git commits, as they’re easier to search for.

Complaining about recruiters emailing you is a bad look. Please stop.

Using a formatter like rustfmt, you could generate multiple versions of a code block with different column widths. Then, through JavaScript, you could load the one that fits based on the viewport width to get actually responsive `<pre>` tags. 🤔

GitHub’s Copilot is basically AI StackOverflow in your editor, but without the mediocre explanations or disagreements on performance.

Let this be a cautionary tale. Install a formatter in your editor and run it on save, lest you’ll break linter with your dinosaur Ruby and everybody who sees it will laugh at you and your single quotes.

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Ah, pen tablets. The pen for my CTL-4100WL stopped clicking, so I’m now back to my > 10-year-old MTE-450. Wacom doesn’t have drivers for that on newer macOS releases, so I’ve had to install a version somebody patched. But it works!

TypeError: Jest: a transform must export something.


If somebody would ever think to create a syntax highlighter based on Vim’s highlight groups, they could theoretically use my new plugin called synner.vim to extract tokens and let Vim do all the hard work. 🤷‍♂️

Joking aside, window.css has been great for a project I’ve been working on.

This gif was created by stitching together screenshots of HTML pages with `<pre>` tags, which were generated by converting a byte stream recorded from the terminal to HTML using ANSI escape sequences.

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