Has anyone else noticed that computers are boring and there's nothing fun to do on them?

might just have like 6 people standing around the same time i don't trust americans to keep quiet for the sake of titty

has everyone had the opportunity to focus on Haveing Fun Online

i would say toots are totally hypothetical at this point

i'm sorry, but if everyone doesn't take care of urself

this pelican is probably a grey alien in disguise but i still love them please don’t say anything mean about this pelican i will cry

55 degrees in september: better bust out my big coat
55 degrees in March: i will cut the legs and sleeves off the clothes i am wearing right now

Opened a lemon aid stand without realizing that lemons, for the most part, don't have insurance and now I'm at the end of my parents' driveway, behind a folding table, while ambulances full of lemons keep pulling up, juice dripping out the back, dropping off desperate lemons and not a one of them can fill out my clipboard of forms and agree to a payment structure.

I'm free all day today, who wants to hang out and drink some ice cold milk?

what do you call an anti-social caterpillar? Show more

and we don't have an adjustable thing on it so I'm just stuck with it

im boosting that sea slug post cuz wow it blew the fuck up

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