still mad that apple won't let me plug in four chargers at once

@jleedev my only apple device is an Apple IIe but I can only hope they've improved the battery life on their devices since then

@phooky my "use case" is the 96W brick is expensive but i have cell phone chargers falling out of my butt and this thing has 4 usb-c ports

@jleedev what it you plug one of the ports into another port? will it charge itself?

@jleedev @phooky if it’s theoretically receiving power but still losing capacity, the system battery menu should change to say “not charging” instead. But it probably still merrily drains itself because the USB-PD spec doesn’t provide a spec-compliant mechanism to tell if you’re draining from yourself afaict.

@jleedev @phooky @s0 is there not a device ID of some kind that one can check against the laptop's own ones?

@phooky @jleedev @s0 @owl i think there is still a USB 2 data link over those cables? Should be able to implement their own protocol for just checking what the other side is

@s0 @jleedev @owl @phooky but I guess that’s a lot of work for something nobody would ever do except as a curiosity

@s0 @jleedev @phooky Even then, people can still (and did) build circles of devices where such data would be lost (A->B->C->A)

An easier metric might be "what is my net charge?" and to maybe ask the user if they want to stop the drain (they might have legitimate reasons, e.g. keeping a USB-C display powered for a short time, even if the power supply won't support it indefinitely)

@jleedev @phooky i'm going to break my macbook because now i want to try it

@jleedev yeah \o/ macOS FTW, is now also a perpedomobile!1!! 😅🤦‍♂️ @phooky

and i was just trying to figure out if there was anything wrong with using a 45W charger on a 16 inch macbook (which wants 96W).

short answer: not enough to charge the running machine but it's fine and it won't stop going "ping" to yell at you

long answer: "well every time *i* look at it it's not charging!" "thank you core i9 please go back to sleep we got this"

@jleedev @phooky I don’t think the os is to blame for that. I rather think, the hardware just provides no way to know if the power comes from itself or somewhere esle, so stupid hardware I’d say. Ok you could check the USB device ID but I am not sure if the standard for charging allows that and this would also prevent to be loaded by another device of the same model or possibly even with only the same os version.

@jleedev @phooky speaks for the hardware being able to work with lower voltage for charging. However charging itself is ridiculous 😄

@jleedev OMG you have me a good laugh with this!! 🤣🤣🤣 @phooky

@jleedev @phooky I don't know necessarily that this is an OS issue. Is there any requirement that for charging (PD) any identifiable data about the device is exposed? You're supposed to be able to daisy chain charging I think, or at least I swear it was proposed at one time.

That is hilarious. I wonder what is actually going on internally with the power system when you do that.

@phooky man makes infinite power with macbook solves world hunger with just one macbook

@jleedev @phooky you have no idea how many times I've run out of battery accidentally doing this lol

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