@leo listening to MBW on iOS15 using the Apple Podcast app and there’s spatial audio 😶 if I turn my head I can hear Alex’s voice moving

Remember: Just because you love a product/service it doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful/popular
Also remember: Just because the product/service you love isn’t as successful/popular as you’d like it doesn’t mean you have to stop using it

What’s the German word for when your robot vacuum covers your whole flat except the very spot that made you turn it on for in the first place…

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i can't be bothered to dig up the thread where i said this, but the basic problem with self-driving cars is that computers deal well with repetitive, predictable tasks, but run into problems when confronted with chaotic systems. whereas humans start making errors when things get repetitive, but deal well with unpredictability. traffic is the exact opposite of the kind of problem ai is well equipped to confront

While I don’t agree 100%, this is a great article on why Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Epic are spending a lot of money on games, VR and others

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Credit to the gentleman. At least he's honest: this is about economic and technological dominance and sweet fuck all to do with human rights and stuff like that, as the septics try to sell it.


#China could rule world's #technology, #UK cyber spy chief says

The West must urgently act to ensure China does not dominate important emerging technologies and gain control of the "global operating system", Britain's top cyber spy said on Friday.


Don't usually endorse anything but I've been trying NextDNS and it's literally the Pi-Hole I never got to install.
Working flawlessly...

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Hey fedi, I have some videos I’d like to upload to a peertube instance and I need some help selecting an instance.

It’s of my grandparents and I working on craft projects as part of therapy, enrichment, and systems focused healing. What’s a good instance for that kind of content?
#askfedi #askfediverse

You think the cloud is your ally? You merely adopted the cloud. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see a mainframe until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but antiquated!

Not only is this timeline way different than the one predicted by the books I read as a child, but I can't find any reference to said books anywhere

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the only thing bitcoin will ever do is create an economy run completely on code, which prevents people from participating in the economy without the ability to access computers and the internet, further entrenching the class divide and making it harder for poor people to access necessities when they can't afford the things required by bitcoin to participate in the economy

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