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Man having a broken sleep schedule is so rad I just love suffering. :D

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The new Amaroq update is very nice.

@HerraBRE we need a patreon to donate to for the devs

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emacs: we have a mastodon client now!
vim: we just edit text. you came here to edit text. that's what we do.
notepad: we can't edit text.

@Amy_Ahrens Honestly for very secure needs I just use Firefox with no-script. Otherwise I use Edge for casual stuff.

I feel like I need to learn Japanese to be a part of this social network...

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The two largest Mastodon instances are Japanese, and Japanese users in general make up a pretty damn large percentage of the network.

Anybody know how that ended up happening? What is it about Mastodon that really appeals to the Japanese user base?

@rayalez An interesting instance concept.

@cemerick Ah I see what you are saying now. I have to agree that welfare, education, etc are weak points for a capitalist society. Structuring around self-interest does not seem to work well in those instances. :)

@cemerick I would have to disagree. My girlfriend being able to create and sell her art is a free market principle. I don't think there is anything wrong with it at the micro-scale. Once we get into large corporations, regulation can help set bounds to stop abuse. Many countries in Europe, for example, do this quite well.

@cemerick We talking like 100% no regulation capitalism?

Another work week tomorrow. Bleh.

@unorigmoniker No doubt 7-zip took over that market :)