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James Manes @jmanes@mastodon.social

Ecosystem lock-in and lack of interoperability between them is a seriously fucked up issue in tech today.

Somehow my user profile photo and header disappeared. Weird.

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After I get my masters out of the way I can just focus on my job which will be nice. That and paying off my college debt lol

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clouds at sunset seen from ISS by Сергей Рязанский‏


Nothing brings you down to earth more than switching from a JS project to one written in C. Just like roughing it in the great outdoors.

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developer tools should be boring. they should _never_ not work. they should be the least interesting thing you touch, because you have other, actual important problems to solve like "why can't our MS Edge users see the navbar" (which is also an annoying problem, but is at least one that the business cares about)

Powering through this semester. Only one more for that sweet masters degree

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Firefox Quantum is amazing guys. The browser has never been this good.

Ahhh anyone here see Blade Runner 2049? If not, go see it. Fantastic film.

Exercise shortly before bed is kindof a drag.

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Having to write a grid export function using some horrific APIs that don't allow for simple things like word wrapping. I hate this.

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Huuuu weekend is now over. Bleh

So uhhhhhhh is there a good windows 10 app for mastodon?

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Open offices are basically a way for companies to tell their employees that they're nothing more than cattle.