Because there’s original content coming in 2020, I began a big overhaul to

Fixes some long-suffering bugs, reimplements some behavior users have been requesting since the original platform was sold (and I was too tired to rework lol), so here we are!

The original content coming in 2020? Well, a talk show, a bodybuilding show, and an animated short anthology series. Among others still in talks.

You can try out K3s on Packet, and some global IPv4 features between clusters, with this updated version of my sample application:

The use-case is pretty straightforward: assuming users worldwide using a hypothetical IoT device, your globally deployed K3s clusters can receive that traffic and operate on it from those edge locations. This demonstrates that traffic pattern.

I still go into hysterics thinking about how much he namedropped while being interviewed by me and the second most unimpressed person ever.

No one:

Dude I used to work with: “my father, the inventor of devops, won’t be pleased to hear this”

Wow, got Zucc’d for this? Men, especially the ones at Facebook, really ARE spiders.

@chuck I’d love to get this into a custom metric since the server is more or less a persistent service, but I guess I’ll see what my feedback is like tomorrow on the blog post draft in the office and go from there lol

@chuck right now, in practice, I have it dumping stdout to a log on a volume lol but ideally I’ll have this in some more actionable format by the end of this

I have a blog post on the "why" of this incoming, but in the meantime, here's a repo with an iperf workflow for the container network in Kubernetes (server Pod, client Job--for multiple test types):

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