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How cool would it be to deny the prophecy?? 🥴

I almost named my new instance, but I've got big plans for that one.

I started a Kubernetes operations blog last month and I'm really second guessing my content so far lol

For those unaware of Medium's ambitions to be the next Facebook... it's worth noting that there're excellent de-centralised open source alternatives - the best I've found is Plume -

TIL the moderation here would be GREAT if the warning emails had any reference to the problematic content it wanted me to change lol

I like Kyuss because you get really beautiful songs interspersed with songs about how much it sucks to have a micropenis.

when i was a freshman in college i pretended to have read Infinite Jest just so i could say i didn't like it

imagine being a historian like 500 years from now and having to pull something like this from an archive

"Europe Central" is the novel DFW wished he'd written; for someone so assured of his own genius, Infinite Jest can never compare as social commentary.

It's months later and I'm still talking about how much I hate Infinite Jest; I realized today part of that is that I had political context from his later essays (re: the McCain candidacy, for example) when revisiting his fiction, and it really does come through in the shittiest wya possible when you realize he was also obsessed with comparisons to Vollmann, the objectively more critical, less individualization fetishizing literary peer, and he hated it.

i finally got a new phone and thus access to my 2fa lol

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