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** Tomorrow is April first, and many places have traditions of invented news stories designed to trick people.
If you're thinking of posting one, please consider that people are worried and anxious, and ask yourself if you really need to do an April Fools this year. ** @sturmflut Nah there's no risk, there just might not be a place on the page where it makes sense to add an extra visible link.

@sturmflut It seems you don't actually have to put a visible link. A <link> tag in the <head> section also seems to work, or at least it worked for me when I did it. site, help needed solving HTML problem from - put padding-top:56.25%; position:relative; on the <center> container, remove the <br>, and the <iframe> position:absolute left:0 right:0 top:0 bottom:0 width:100% height 100% - seems to work

@meduz if you're using certbot --webroot, try using certbot --nginx instead - it should be able to temporarily override the redirect just for just the acme challenge url


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