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Klicken wir darauf, strömen die Cookies nur so. Erst 40, dann 60 -- nach einer Minute habe ich sage und schreibe 171 Cookies empfangen und gespeichert. Nur von Welt.de.

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I'll award a special limited edition internet point for the first person to identify the issue with this...

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1:72 Reichsflugscheibe Haunebu II

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Mensch ärgere dich nicht - Lockdown Edition

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Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.....
slow down buddy

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wessen Tag wiederholt sich hier noch?
im @Tagesspiegel@twitter.com nr.193 vom 02.01.2021

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To reach the ~youth~ we're going to have to make infosec sea shanties, aren't we? Guess so!
Behold the tale of kid who reuses their passwords & ends up pwn'd, then learns how to stay safe. We're on a mission to encourage unique passwords stored in a password manager with MFA on.

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@ReportsDaNews@twitter.com @DFreeman_59@twitter.com Kalief Browder stole a backpack at 16, spent 3 yrs at Riker's Island without trial.

Riley Williams stole a laptop from Speaker Pelosi's office and tried to sell it to Russia. She was released to her mother.

Justice in America is not blind. It sees exactly what it's doing.

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InfoSec tweeps - lend me your aid.

Wanting to help someone put together a list of great sites, references and resources for SOC Analysts.

HIT ME! (and please RT for reach!)

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.@Hugendubel_News@twitter.com ich hoffe, dass Sie das Nazipamphlet von sofort aus dem Sortiment nehmen und alle bisherigen Einnahmen an die Opferverbände der Hinterbliebenen und antifaschistische Organisationen spenden und mindestens das Doppelte noch oben drauf legen?

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Hey @BedBathBeyond@twitter.com STOP selling pillows from @MyPillowUSA@twitter.com @realMikeLindell@twitter.com! He supports sedition against the United States and any money from from the sale is blood money. Please provide a corporate response ASAP as we are considering what actions we will be taking.

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Text from Angela Merkel: “LOLZ 😂”

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Jesus fed 5000 people ONCE.

Jack Monroe and Marcus Rashford have just fixed meals for 1,400,000 kids EVERY DAY

Between them, they’re running at 280 Jesus/ day, or 2.8 hectojesus per day.

Jesus ran at a mere 3.57 millijacks.

Over to the theologians!

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