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I'm moving to SDF - if you want to follow me there, here's my new identity:

I'm moving to SDF - if you want to follow me there, here's my new identity:

I'm getting targeted with toothbrush ads like crazy

@ConnyDuck I'm *this* close to forking Tusky and making the hit spots for favorite/reply/etc larger because my fat fingers keep missing them - but alas, I don't have the time q_q

The sheer amount of Britney Spears fan accounts on Instagram tho

Even after almost 4 years in this neighborhood, finding spent shell casings on the ground after New Year's Eve continues to bewilder me ever so slightly

Is there any way to style pages specifically for text-based browsers such as , as in, hiding visual fluff elements which don't work well in a tty environment?

Anyways, I'm hoping everybody's having a safe New Year's Eve

I'm not saying I don't like the occasional fireworks display, but these are straight up explosives right here

We decided to go to the Countryside for New Year's Eve because we had assumed it would be quiet - also it's raining so we had considered ourselves lucky - but apparently fireworks-crazed people are... crazy

Namely, using VIM on a phone with a physical keyboard is the shit

Just finished making my portfolio website. Wrote every last bit of it on my BlackBerry. My thumbs ache but I feel like I've learned something in these past two days.

If you remove all of the positives, 2017 was a pretty shit year.

I dont want to be spendin' all my time on this wonderful service hating on Twitter but it's just real low hanging fruit rn

it sounds weird to think twitter and mastodon as microblogging tools. I had completely forgotten twitter was supposed to be one

Interacting with random people on this instance is more fun than interacting with my fellowship on the old birdsite has ever been

About to embark on the next leg of our trip. There is many a Christmas present to stow away. Packing anxietyyyyyy

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