For some of my friends who seem to be glad that it's over:
It's never over. It was not an event that happened in isolation. It was never about Ram or a Mandir. Tomorrow, these people are going to find something new. It's going to haunt us for a very long time.

@jnukiladki it'll be interesting to see whats next after the judgement. Since the entire election campaign of BJP has revolved around Mandir Mandir and Mandir only always

@jnukiladki And tomorrow when they find something new most people won't even be in a position to call it out. It would have been normalised. This judgement has set a precedent that is dangerous and disheartening to say the least.

@jnukiladki Some of them are now boasting about 'अयोध्या तो झांकी है, अभी काशी–मथुरा बाकी है’. So yeah, it isn't over!

@jnukiladki The end goal of the RSS is the absolute subjugation of Muslims and other minorities in India.

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