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um i like kristen enough but the fact that she's probs more likely to get an emmy nom than america ferrera makes me wanna punch a couple thingz but it's ok

why did the b99 stans have to start watching superstore and start following me i'ms uffering

um??? all of the queen sugar edits are kind of bad noah fence i struggle but also i understand bc i couldn't find 720 for it either lol

i finished both my chips AND my salsa at the same time... this is revolutionary

im pretty sure this bed has energy absorption powers because every time i lay on it for one second i feel like i can't get up

i'm trying struggling to care about three and this white girl

dark matter was so much more fun before when like they still had no clue wtf was happening lol now only one (1) poc remains on the ship and i'm suffering

t*rrenting shows with actual seeds???? like over 1 seed??? this is honeslty unheard of for me

ANYWAYS!!!! now i can finally watch dark matter lol

i spent all day out so like i wasn't here!!! ah i can't believe friends means social life

so it turns out accuweather lied so it was fine outside but i was fucking terrified


but like what the fuck could i do? i have no legal grounds for any of this

literally i was technically subletting from one of them, they should've been paying the other third literally i'm so fucking pissed off

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