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Use highlight.js for syntax highlighting on your website? a11y-dark and a11y-light are now available as themes! WCAG AA compliant for color contrast, including Windows High Contrast Mode support.

Working through Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind" on Audible and it's a good listen so far already. Love the introduction referring to the older research on moral psychology.

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Trying out – a Mastodon web client* with a focus on accessibility – after a recommendation by @laura and it’s a beautiful, simple app.

* Progressive Web App & open source; all data is transferred between the client and your instance.

Ghee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I mean fat. He wants us to be fat.

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Do you know what REALLY grinds my gears? Poor clutch control, that's what.

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I created this pixel art shan shui of my little family camping. May it bring peace to your timeline.

Psychology, JBP 

"The unknown is Homo sapiens’ everlasting enemy and greatest friend, constantly challenging individual facility for adaptation and representation, constantly pushing men and women to greater depths and more profound heights."

Not even halfway through _Maps of Meaning_ so far, the Audible book is 30 hours. Finding so many parts that make me think about aspects of human existence. Excellent book.

This segregation across instances still feels weird to me. I now have an alt over at but what I like about :birdsite: is that it would expose me to messages that I otherwise would likely not have seen.

Maybe it'll take some getting used to, who knows.

Immensely looking forward to . Meeting friends, learning more about accessibility and visiting Canada. The talk I'm working on is coming together very nicely and I can't wait to share it.

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SO finally did it.
2 days ago user filed issue that underlines are a bug, follow-on comments calling it anti-user: [2/2]

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Just watched the Pangburn Peterson/Harris 2 hour long discussion. Good points on both sides, and Weinstein did a great job moderating. Looking forward to watch the other two evenings when the recordings are released...

I'm excited about rebuilding the compost heap frame on the garden this weekend. God I feel old.

Federated timeline reminds me of "We're the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world". It's quite something.

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Mastodon right now is like a middle school classroom at a conservative Christian School when the teacher had to step out of the room. Everyone is just saying "toot" and giggling. It's pretty great, tbh.
(Tbh: toot butt hehehe)

Time to figure out more magic about React.createContext 😞

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Is there an easy way to post to Twitter?


This fediverse seems nice so far.

I see a lot of toots about Nazis being banned here when reported. And I'm honestly wondering how that works - who gets to decide who gets banned? I'd actually be more concerned to post here than on the Bird site - who polices rightful reports?

And if servers can block entire other servers, won't this risk segregating the fediverse?

Now that this network seems to be picking up serious steam with the Twitter Stream API going out, I wonder how this works.

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