Saw the trailer for on Netflix.
So it's a comedy? I don't really get it from how the trailer was done.
Apart from 2 scenes, I guess the rest is high concept comed.
Too high for my dumb brain but still gonna watch it. ;)

Did a couple of follows.. let's see how deep this rabbit ho.. oh wait, shouldn't it be a mastodon hole?

Flat Earth, round Earth, multiple Earths, twin Earth, virtual Earth, central Earth...
What Earth guy are you?

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I'm not much of a cook so I only do simple stuff. I like to make Aglio Olio #pasta.

Just cook garlic in olive oil and toss in cooked pasta. 🍝 🏺 I may have it with ham or hotdog, if I feel like it. Served with parmesan cheese, of course. 🧀 Sometimes I sprinkle on a lot of chili flakes. 🌶️

Simple. Satisfying.

#food #recipe #Italian #cooking

I love the smell of a newly joined social media platform.
Still trying to get my bearings here.
Oh and Kotaku though Digg sent me here.


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