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Joel Vinay Kumar

What this country's corrupt want you to think is:
No matter how much you struggle, how much you wish this country standeth for progress & democracy, evil will always win.
No, not at all. Dictators were wrong.
They will fall. Like leaves of autumn.

Richard Stallman was right. Gates and Melinda foundation is exists mainly to business interest.
Their philanthropy efforts are just a secondary focus.
(Picture from UIDAI on twitter)

Free Software Movement of Karnataka is also now vocal about issue.
Government is being pressured day by day.

First I think.
Then I re-think.
So, I think I think
And I'll be stuck in this thing.

@Gargron You must take a break from work for this day.
Happy May Day !!

A very happy may day for all those who are going to work over-time after this day. 😁😁

A very happy may day to all those ignored women working for house and working in house.

No relationship is perfect and no person is perfect and ideally, a partner would help you resolve some issues and personal feelings. That’s part of being close to another person.

The issue arises when you become a therapist with benefits

Be aware of the difference.
- @ranjithraj

We are constantly taught through movies that revenge is the ultimate goal. What else can we expect with Supreme Court? Its not the court that I'm afraid of. It is people who think counter-violence is the justice that I'm afraid of.

Public : A 300TB pendrive containing battle strategy and weapons technology details from Mahabharata times.

Me: Don't let thanos find it. Please.😟 Oh wait.

May be thanos was in Mahabharata. My whole life was a lie. Shit.

Dystopian Times: The Reach of Aadhaar Check out our comic column by @WorldOfHalahala:

We react to situations.
Not the problems.

On se rend compte du travail des contributeurs #OpenStreetMap à travers ce site :

En live, vous allez voir toutes les contributions qui tombent pour fabriquer un bien commun : la plus grande base de données cartographiques libre.

Impressionnant !



I personally ditched MS Office for libre office at work. The bug is that documents crash word when it loads. Like critical patch tuesday, MS word just doesn't work. That's fine, Libre Writer gets .DOCX 99% correct. Good enough.