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Joel Vinay Kumar

lana del rey under "indie music" on youtube

big thinking emoji

I’ve never had the greatest relationship with my dad. So, Father’s Day has always been difficult for me. It’s hard to buy one of those ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ cards, when your dad has pretty much been an arsehole to you through most of your life.

The words in those cards always made me cry. (Pretty awkward while standing in a store.)

But since his Parkinson’s diagnosis. The way I see him as changed.


Happy Fathers day to anyone of any gender or lifestyle or sexual preference who fulfills that role for their children. As someone who only had part time fathers, ones who never really committed to me as their child, I can tell you how important you are to your child. Know they love you even if they have trouble showing it sometimes

The most silent and shy Prime Minister with all powers of nation who can't sit for an interview which ain't scripted.

What this country's corrupt want you to think is:
No matter how much you struggle, how much you wish this country standeth for progress & democracy, evil will always win.
No, not at all. Dictators were wrong.
They will fall. Like leaves of autumn.

Richard Stallman was right. Gates and Melinda foundation is exists mainly to business interest.
Their philanthropy efforts are just a secondary focus.
(Picture from UIDAI on twitter)

First I think.
Then I re-think.
So, I think I think
And I'll be stuck in this thing.

@Gargron You must take a break from work for this day.
Happy May Day !!

A very happy may day for all those who are going to work over-time after this day. 😁😁

A very happy may day to all those ignored women working for house and working in house.

No relationship is perfect and no person is perfect and ideally, a partner would help you resolve some issues and personal feelings. That’s part of being close to another person.

The issue arises when you become a therapist with benefits

Be aware of the difference.
- @ranjithraj

We are constantly taught through movies that revenge is the ultimate goal. What else can we expect with Supreme Court? Its not the court that I'm afraid of. It is people who think counter-violence is the justice that I'm afraid of.