Learning algorithms is important! Understanding how the computer works with a dataset is important so you can write code that makes sense. But I think this knowledge shouldn't be used as a selection criterion because the days where you'll be implementing something like that are rare! The value I'll deliver as a software engineer relies on many other types of skills.

If you think I'm getting this whole wrong, please let me know.

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Technical Interviews are broken! 🙄

You are often evaluated by your capability to implement algorithms that you'll never use in your daily tasks. Then you’re hired to work on some commercial system using high-level languages like Ruby, Python, or JS, where you'll rarely use such a thing.

How about the ability to architect simple and functional systems? Testing? Automated deployment? Observability? These are the things I'll be doing on a daily basis.

What do you recommend for note-taking on Android? The Google Keep UI is just uncomfortable. I was looking for something like the Notes app (macOS). The simpler, the better.

Software engineer babycrying 

It's Friday and I'm so fucking tired I can't even think of something fun for the weekend. I got that feeling of working as a horse but not accomplishing anything at all.

I'm working on a shitty system made by people who doesn't know software engineering - and all my efforts to evolve the codebase and its architecture clashes on other architectural problems that keeps me away from moving forward.

Being a software engineer who cares about its own craft is a nightmare.

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12 am and I can't sleep, thinking about learning Lisp and build something with Common Lisp/Clisp or Lisp-Flavored Erlang.

I'm at this house with my girlfriend's entire family - young and old people, children running over the place, bad music playing, and my gf is talking to someone who apparently has stuff to talk about for an entire year. I'm at the couch, and I don't know what to do. 😂


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1 boost = 1 thing I think about a lot, probably more than I should

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Every computer is portable if you're strong enough.

I have a social appointment but I definitely don't wanna go. I'm right in the middle of an anxiety shit that's going on for a while now, and now this. Halp! I need a good excuse!

The command-line JSON processor jq keeps impressing me every time I learn something new.

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After some months studying and exploring GraphQL, I felt that I have to reply this toot, saying that I fell in love with GraphQL! It just makes sense!

It's not the silver bullet some blogs are stating - but it can be an amazing component for a service oriented architecture!

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Keybase:“Our browser extension subverts our encryption, but why should we care?”

(submitted by fallenhitokiri)

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Reading about GraphQL for the first time, having that feeling of something that completely breaks the Single Reponsibility principle, and thus breaking API composability and reusability.

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“Western Flag” is an installation by artist John Gerrard for

It’s a flag made of black smoke (non-polluting, hope), meant to represent rising CO2 in the atmosphere

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