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Tried to come up with a new Halloween display name and the best I’ve got is “V.I. Lenin’s What Is to Be Dun-Dun-Dun!” so I think I’m stuck with babadook spinoza.

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A weird thing about being here in/around the jungle is you can see tons of manmade structures that have been reclaimed by nature. So like, there are cars that are blocked into driveways by downed trees from last week's typhoon, and it only takes a few days for vines to climb over them. Yesterday, I saw a school bus that has probably been in the jungle a few years, and it's almost unrecognizable. Nature will erase us as soon as we're gone. I find that oddly comforting.

Anyone know why Amaroq won’t give me push notifications?

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Seneca, there is a letter from the Emperor Nero... I'm afraid you have been cancelled.

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I’ve been listening to shitty music for like two hours because I was too lazy to change it. I’ve mostly been about two feet away from the laptop.

white people LOOOVE sitting in the car waiting for Immigrant Song to come on and then doing the screaming part

The first day we got this wee baby and she peed on our bed. This also happened:

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honey bees: i've located sustenance, my sisters! i will communicate its location through precise choreography

bumblebees: y'all!!! y'all i found food!!! omg y'all food food food!!!

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