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Forgot I had this account, is anyone still alive out there?

*me as a history teacher*

Today we’ll be talking about the Great Depression, or as I like to call it... the “Big Mood.”

GoFundMe, body image if you click the link 

mental health 

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@joenelson On like, at least three or four different fronts. This year has been The Setback I’d dreaded since senior year of undergrad. But it’s really not that dreadful.

@joenelson Like I’ve really been feeling those “remember that progress/recovery/etc. isn’t linear!” posts that’ve been popping up.

This has been a year of realizing that the demons I’d prided myself on having overcome before were not actually dead yet and need a more thorough killing.

If I were the proletariat I would simply join together in solidarity, easily seizing the means of production from the capitalists.

batman has a villain named Joker who does jokes, and a villain named Riddler who does riddles, and they're both green and purple, and they're completely unrelated

Don’t👏 call👏 yourself👏 an👏 omnivore👏 until👏 you’ve👏 eaten👏 the👏 entire👏 universe👏

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