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Activists rally to save Internet Archive as a lawsuit from publishers threaten to shut it down

If people are smart, it's time to archive the Archive right now. In other words, fork it and turn it unto a decentralized platform. I hope someone out there is working on that.

Plus you have to think libraries need some decentralization as well as this lawsuit could kill libraries as we know them.

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For those new or want to be reacquainted with me, here's some hashtags to what I'm all about. If you relate to any of these, I would love to meet you!

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birdsite, internal control panel 

VICE's sources share screenshots of an internal control panel they say birdsite workers use to interact with user accounts, which may have enabled today's account takeovers

I feel today is the Fediverse's best day in a long while.

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Twitter solved the problem by blocking verified accounts from posting. Just one step left: Block all other accounts from posting too.

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Overdue reminder that Google, Apple, and others were caught to suppress tech wages not that long ago.

And that's just the collusion we know about.

How COVID-19 affects our sleeping patterns 

Here's a nice post on how the pandemic is affecting our sleep, and it's interesting.

"The vulnerability, would allow hackers to intercept and interfere with users’ emails and network traffic, tamper with services, and steal users’ credentials, by exploiting Windows’ DSN Server"

This shouldn't take close to 20 years to patch but well done Check Point on this.

Another year, another tax filing officially complete after massive delays. Probably won't get much this year though.

uspol, USPS, privatization 

Just a friendly reminder that the USPS is in dire straits and unless the US Congress does something about it, the privatization is going to begin in earnest.

Hell, it's already started.

The rescheduled Oracle v Google case will officially be heard in SCOTUS on October 7th

They have been going at each other's throats since 2010 and this will be winner take all. In other words, this will determine the future of software development as we know it. Here's a long series on this fight here:

This will end one way or another, and software development's direction will be determined in June 2021.

nypol, COVID-19, poster 

Maybe they can remake that poster containing the names of the 32,000+ people that died from COVID-19 in New York instead. That is disgusting that there's still lack of accountability.

Here's what a humane, normal leader would do. The executive would admit the horrible mistakes were made while celebrating the progress New York has achieved over the past 2 months. There would be vows to do even better and it should be investigations into what went wrong at the minimum.


As I expect: most US states have learned nothing as Disney World reopens today.

Great examples: Florida, Texas, Arizona, New York (32,000+ deaths in NY alone).

At this rate, it'll take a full decade for the crisis to end and the US will be the the LAST nation to come out.

EFF's 30th Anniversary live stream is now happening if you want to check it out.

Have fond memories of the Web 2.0 days. I wish they were still around in retrospect. It was a peaceful time of peak internet.

Quibi is so owned right now. Wanna take bets on how long it'll last?

Accomplished many things this week, very proud of myself.

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Help funding a new anime making system!

The current anime making system pays low wages to animators and working there it's unsustainable.


For those who want creative masks, here you go:

Have two already delivered to me.

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McGirt v. Oklahoma was a good start now let's return land to every other nation

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