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Warner Koch has a good analysis on the PGP and S/MIME efail issue -

I say the media is full overblown by this, and responsible encryption is still a great tool.

As Tax Day approaches, another reminder that Intuit (owners of TurboTax) & H&R Block have lobbied for years to make tax filing even more difficult and complex.

They’re about to deliver a ultimate win in banning the gov’t from free and simple filing.

Today is a truly dark day in the history of the Internet as the European Union has voted to kill the open Internet with the help of corporate lobbyists.

I fear for the future when censorship will reign supreme and you can thank Big Publishing, Big Telecom, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Music , and Hollywood for rubber stamping this.

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spider man: homecoming
spider man: far from home
spider man: homestuck

Remember when USB-C headphones would replace the now gone jack? Looks like it’s already on life support and closer to death.

Today’s food item in the co-working space: pasta chicken wraps.

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2018 wasn't just about hacks, breaches, and unauthorized bad guys breaking into systems. Instead, 2018’s worst privacy actors were the tech companies themselves.

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Happy New Year, fediverse!

Here’s to working towards more freedom, justice, and equality in 2019. It’s not going to get any easier. It’s probably going to get harder. All that matters is we keep chipping away at the problem and working on the solutions. Every little thing we do, whether it’s raising awareness or reducing harm or creating ethical alternatives… it all matters.

Heck, the fact I can write this on the fediverse is reason enough to be hopeful.

Lots of love to you all :indieHeart:

2018 wrap up:

Third full year freelancing, some highs and lows but mostly good enough to be satisfied.

Went to two weddings this year which is a rarity.

Got a few board games and a few console/PC ones.

Started a relationship which I hope can last long.

Went on a few summer road trips.

Our democracy is still in danger but it got a lifeline this year.

Overall grade despite I want this year to be in flames: B

One more day and 2018 can go die like a fire.

Very depressing piece on the state of web browsers and we have a clear winner that takes all which is Chrome/Chromium. This is a scary present and future which Google will determine the direction of the web.

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Lighting talk on CSS coding practice complete and its not that bad, just need to work on slideshows.

Not at all surprised by this. Corporations are just acting like we all expect them to be.

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Wow, Reuters, 1984 was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual, you absolute muppets.


Some people at a co-working space loves to cheer on a nearby lake being soaked, which I don't really get.

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