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Get fedi hired/ red team 

Is this you? Because if it is, I’m looking for you.

Penetration Tester / Offensive Security Consultant

• Solid fundamentals in Web (Apps/Services/APIs) and network pentesting (2+ years). Pentesting experience in mobile apps (iOS/Android), Social Engineering through Phishing Campaigns, Source Code Analysis and/or cloud environments a bonus.
• Solid understanding of common webapp vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, and remediation options
• Solid foundation on network protocols (HTTP, SSH, SMTP, etc) and their typical security issues
• Solid knowledge of common security concepts (crypto, AAA, AD security, SSO, OS Security, etc.)
• Proficient in developing in at least two languages, ideally one Web and one Scripting: Python, Ruby, Swift, Golang, C/C++, .NET, PHP, JS, BASH, etc.
• Passion for learning new technologies and processes, and contributing to refining existing capabilities
• Experience developing custom scripts or tools to enhance penetration testing and improve automation of repetitive tasks
• Work well under pressure and in a fast pace environmen

What's with companies going with URL bars on the bottom? I know phones are so big now but it's unnecessary.

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NDA Expired - let's spill the beans on a weird startup

Many moons ago, when I was very young and you were even younger...

London was in full bloom of tech-startups. I was running my own consultancy. Dashing from business to business, trying to pick up work as an expert in this new-fangled "Mobile Internet" thing. Some of the companies I worked with were great. S


I'm sure accessibility is the one side that many websites still need to work on. I have a client that is color blind and she can't access some legacy websites.

An Audacity fork needs help in contributing since I know a lot of people want to return to a version of it that's not into data collecting.

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Finally get to update my PCs today with patches and software updates galore. Nice that there's some quiet time in the morning and early afternoon for the process.

So Windows 11 has been leaked and I don't like this direction especially if it follows the 10X direction where tablets and multiple screens are going to be the main focus and other devices suffer.

Experimenting with two Raspberry Pi Picos that were gifts. They can be useful in some capacity.

@fluffy I always feel they need to be broken up into pieces since they're too big and too powerful.

Here's some great indie games for a worthy cause. Kudos to all of them for bringing this together.

Finally going to get some rest this weekend since it's going to be HOT weather wise...

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A poll (my first!). Is Google your email provider? I just want to get a general feeling how much of a monopoly it is in a relatively tech-savvy world of Mastodon.

Boosts are welcome!

You only have until June 8 to opt out of Amazon's privacy and security nightmare. Can't say it enough that this will be abused.

Just a final reminder that Google Photos' free storages are coming to an end tomorrow (with very few exceptions). I advise you to move away from it and just invest in a external hard drive (maybe two) to store your photos or use a self-hosting solution on Nextcloud.

Google is officially releasing its Fuchsia OS, starting w/ first-gen Nest Hub -

The touted Android replacement formally launches today. So it begins then...

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We're taking aim for the stars with FemtoStar - a mobile satellite service running open software atop of open hardware spacecraft.

covid -vaccine 

Update: Turns out so far a sore arm but no major side effects thus far. More tomorrow.

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covid -vaccine 

Today's the day I'll get my second vaccine shot. It's been a long road

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