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There's officially a precedent that the FBI can gain access to any US computer without permission. Can you imagine how this capability might be used for less-laudable purposes...

Did the first dose vaccination thing over the weekend and now the process begins...

Stephen Diehl with a great post on why the Signal crypto-blockchain news is a total betrayal of trust.

Yahoo is shutting down Answers in May 4th as the slow-death of the ancient internet continues. And don't even hope for any preservation as the Groups shutdown showed us.

Just to give you a precedent:

Trans Day of Visibility 

On this TDoV, think about all those trans children who are affected by the many transphobia bills that 18 US states (mostly GOP-led statehouses) are either considering or be put into law.

Please support these organizations that are fighting for them listed on this site's donate page: transrightshumanrights.carrd.c

Remember, Trans rights ARE human rights.

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Trans Day of Visibility, suicide mention 

On this TDoV, I am remembering the short life of Leelah Alcorn.

I am reflecting on the concerted effort by so many politicians and religious people to make it not only legal, but mandatory, for thousands more trans children to go through what Leelah went through.

Visibility is not enough. It will not keep us safe and it will not save us.

I myself will be vaccinated very soon. Glad that I may be traveling and enjoying life again down the road.


it has been a while since I last played with it.

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Round 1, Match 10 of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships!

Heads up, you should check your servers if you rely on OVH Cloud since they have suffered a fire in Strasbourg, France

The potential data loss is big.

Like I said, be prepared for some if not all of Bethesda's titles are going to be exclusive to Xbox and Windows 10 down the road.

Happy International Women's Day to all of the women in the fediverse, I see you and appreciate you all!

Alamo Drafthouse as we know it is sadly dead. Private equity is going to kill its soul and that makes me so bummed since its a small driving distance from where I live.

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