I really like services like @SelectSpecs - but really annoying that there isn't a one-button 'reorder' - glasses get broken and now a few seconds of a job is going to be much longer.

10 phone calls so far today. Glad to get them all out of the way.

‘Finder Zero’: You use far fewer files than you think, so stop hoarding them. t.co/bqBjnSqj0h t.co/Pg9f7cOhRA

I've updated my public todo list, you can see it at: t.co/ZDFB3UuFkv, and I've also cleaned out all working files from my desktop - it's online or nothing. t.co/pSCaV8dW3g

All inboxs empty. Next processing on Monday morning. If you are waiting for a reply then I've got something wrong: pls get back in touch :) t.co/lGd0ZXQ0zs

Hey, you know those “tag someone for a chance to win” promotions? That doesn’t have to be someone we like right? We could all just tag a public figure... right?

I bloodly love a predictable url structure. I bloody love @GitHub as a result. More sites should have a predicable url structure.

After a week of never quite sorting out my inbox because it was scary, I feel like a new man. t.co/zmNwYDzsm7

Similarly, an percentage of people curious about vegan oral sex have a football statium as their banner image. t.co/3OxHTaGt6J

I want to start an insurance company that doesn’t pay out if you are illegally parked, speeding, or talking on the phone.

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