Baby and bubble - I actually really dont like this as a technical photo - but I do like it as, you know, a photo of a baby.

*extremely security question voice* people always have a favourite movie and it never changes. everyone has been to at least once concert. the answer to the question "what is your pet's name" will never change. people have one single nickname from high school and they'll never forget it

Discovered today I have several playlist to psyche me up and nothing to calm down to. Poor.

In my case it means I’ve screwed up my vim settings again. (But should read original tweet)

Can’t believe it’s only been.... *12* hours since this little one finally fell asleep on me...

I like that the presentation about Shorthand is written in Shorthand :)

We had to work bloody hard to register as a charity. This sort of news really grates.

Something that occasionally helps me get my life in order - write the email that says "hey I've done that work in order - you'll find it in X, with Y, and I fixed Z, Q, and P," because while writing it you'll have remembered that you need to do basically all of those letters.

I shouldn't write "test" messages. I should confidently assume success.

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