I'm moving this account from the mastodon.social instance, to the duck.haus instance due to the overwhelming demand of (checks notes) four dudes.


Update the follow or use this as your chance to pretend you didn't see this and not have to interact with me.


Twitter's where we used to lie
Conversation has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's fine, I'm tootin'

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusions never changed
Into something real
Wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is tootin'
You're a little late
I'm already tootin'

In this time of social network upheaval ... what if we brought back Socialthing?

I went to order my afternoon latte and my barista asked me about Mastodon.

Seriously. This actually happened.

All he knows is that I sit in his coffee shop all day working on something having to do with Twitter and that there's a bunch of bad news about Twitter today.


Manually cross-posting because I haven’t set up an actual YDTW account over here because who really cares.

[post] Viewing Alexa Footage in Nuke and Nuke Studio

Just call it Twitter. I’m over this passive-aggressive-cutesy “birdsite” nonsense.

Just posted Defocused 205:

Ep. 205: "Peanut Butter Is Not a Liquid"

This movie is not called Coincidence Day.

Training Day (2001)


Episode 59: ‘My Ratty Massage’

Mikah and Joe discuss Twitter, Mastodon, and (checks notes) Azaelia Banks vs. Elon Musk?


I don’t usually care for “that old movie that people dismiss shouldn’t be dismissed” posts but I don’t think ‘Watchmen’ should be dismissed. I was also unaware that all three versions are on Amazon Prime.

Theatrical is the best cut, don’t @ me.


@joesteel The key to making it useful is to filter that stuff out. See my previous toot: mastodon.social/web/statuses/1

Now that it's filtered properly I primarally get two things out of it:

- It's interesting to see what people are talking about at the "global" level.
- I like occasionally helping people out with questions and issues they're having, and the Federated Timeline is a great place to find them.
- Finding interesting people to follow.

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