I don’t usually care for “that old movie that people dismiss shouldn’t be dismissed” posts but I don’t think ‘Watchmen’ should be dismissed. I was also unaware that all three versions are on Amazon Prime.

Theatrical is the best cut, don’t @ me.


@joesteel Agreed. I feel like the “it’s an unfilmable property” narrative was so strong before release that people were really excited for it to come true. It’s far from a perfect film, but I enjoyed it. Sounds like I may be due for a rewatch.

@NerdDotIs yeah there are a lot of people that had made up their minds about it not only being impossible, but heretical and damaging to the original work. I remember reading the garbage on i09. 🙄

@joesteel I think Snyder had a few blunders (to me he almost seems to try to make you like Rorschach) and a bit of his objectivist stuff shines though at times, but I didn’t hate the movie and it’s worth a watch. I like the directors edit, the ultimate is miserable though.

@joesteel my issues with that scene have nothing to do with the scene. I just hate that cover of Hallelujah that much.

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