keeping in mind that hardly anything on switch hits 60 or even consistently 30

would you be into it if a switch game opted to push its res down to 360p in order to hit 60fps

Bit of a downer that paradise beat the parking lot here by such a slim margin

I reckon I probably like Sea of Thieves in the way a lot of folks like No Man's Sky. There's maybe a disappointing lack of quest variety (i'm not really far in enough to be sure), but I just love bein' on the sea in that game. It has them vibes.

Idea: contact lenses that let you fuck with your colour grading irl. Insta filters for your eyes

making my skies cheaper by bakin' the result of the fancy procedural material to a cubemap. looks the same

What res does BOTW actually render at on Switch? I'm guessing dynamic res, max 720? Wondering about min/average.

I should note, this is bad but also better than the last block of flats I was in, where it was this, but in a plastic bag, rubber-banded shut, completely submerged in 2 feet of filthy water under the footpath. This is Australian broadband!

when i was a kid and would forget what i was just thinking about/about to do, my mum would tell me "go back to where you were before you forgot" and these days i mostly do that by scrolling back through twitter. still works

Mind you there's also dudes I used to follow because we were friends and now it's to keep an eye on them because they're sneaky-shitty.

I reckon I have a real good block list. Everyone I've blocked is a real asshole. I reckon you could make any service better by deleting these people from it. License my blocks for your multiplayer video games and online communities

My ADSL has been repaired and is back to a blistering 9mbps down, 0.7 up.

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