*taps flute glass with fork* in light of the Black Panther nomination, the lowest-key racists will now out themselves

Between 2003 and 2004, one thing changed about Alyx Vance: the color of her undies

only 90s kids will remember: having to tell people what button tilde was so they could use the console

turns out Blender correctly imports blend shapes from HL2 models. Here's a picture of me finding this out a year after abandoning a side project because I couldn't do that.

Less now than in the UE3 days, but a hilariously universal experience is meeting other advanced-level Unreal devs, getting chatting, and inside half an hour you've both learned basic shit about the engine you didn't know before because self-teaching is necessarily scattershot

Hey @EpicGames@twitter.com hire me to do your learning resources on the understanding that I will do them at an extremely leisurely pace.

Also, many of the template projects and example projects do things in ways that are outright incorrect, even if they do work. That there are many bad-but-functional solutions to every problem in gamedev is bad enough - the official learning resources should at least be reliable!

So yeah, I think tutoring for UE4 is disproportionately valuable at the beginning of a user's time with it, even for users who are super experienced with similar software, and that's a failing of Unreal, but also a good opportunity for you to give me money, see pinned tweet.

This is also often stuff that beginner tutorials skip right over because it's so assumed by now for the experienced person making the tute.

People struggle starting out for a lot of reasons - often expecting to roll their own solution to something the engine has built-in - but they're mostly just the program not telling you how to use it. Which it should.

Tutoring sessions are full of "oh, cool!!" moments for the student when I tell them something, and a lot of the time I realise the other way they would have found that out is by accident many months later having wasted a ton of time first. Which is what I did.

Unreal has more built-in tools and systems than Unity, built to (usually) much higher standards; insanely clever work all over the place, agnostic to the type of product you're making. But the less specialised something is the less it tends to be well-documented or intuitive.

As I'm starting to tutor some people with , it's really becoming obvious to me how necessary that is for a beginner. It's an acknowledged problem that Unreal isn't as accessible as Unity, but I don't know if anyone is working on that problem.

i don't see as many calls to punch nazis on here anymore. guess everyone set reminders in their phone

Today Google Lens identified Oscar as a "Turkish Van" and now he has come over all posh

(but probably not more than i'd end up eating anyway)

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