I think I'm gonna have to upgrade this laptop from windows 10 to 7

If the prospect of a reward, other than the thing getting done at all, is what motivates you to pledge to a patreon or a kickstarter or a gofundme, you're a rotting dong, as my grandmother would have said (she would not have said that)

Crowdfunding/patronage platforms should delete their reward functionality, because it undermines what ought to be the point of those services: funding people's work because other people recognise its value separately from its profitability

Well, I finished Mario Odyssey. Whatever the fuck that was

whenever anyone says anything is a must, it's something i don't have. i have no musts and i must scream

2019 is my last year to be in one of those 30 under 30 lists so they need to stop fucking around

Twitter is always surprising me with new ways to not show an image when I click on it. Today it's this

The more you need any specificity to your behaviour, the more UE4's behaviour trees are a pain in the ass-butt. Probably have a bad time if you're doing anything past zombies.

Coles is rickrolling. I don't think I've ever heard this song in a non-meme context.

walking dead viewers: wow andrew lincoln's performance is the only thing worth watching about this show and he's leaving

walking dead producers: hmm tough gig. wait what if we start relying really really heavily on unknown child actors

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