@freemancw hey clinton, is work still being done on the UE4 Steam Audio plugin? seems kinda dead, not sure if safe to rely on it

Hard to believe there's a spoopy cat skellington inside him

I just found out that many moons ago David Lynch was going to make a video game with a company called Synergy Studios, and Marc Laidlaw (Half-Life) had lined himself up to write the tie-in novel and got permission from Gabe to do so. A former Blizzard lead was maybe onboard also?

It doesn't look as nice as I remember actually. Forget it

I remember when Max Payne 2 came out, there was a contest where you could win the exact jacket he wears in that game, which is the only one he wears a particularly nice looking jacket in, and I wanted it, and I still kinda want it, but I can't find anything about it online

you could still do the thing of selecting maps from the steam workshop to pay the creator for and include in the main game, but they'd be plonked down in the open world somewhere. mind blow

Like what's VXGI cost if it only updates once ever.

Man, I'm building static lighting, and I wish I could just run one of those really expensive dynamic global illumination systems that gets a nice result so much faster than this and bake the result somehow.

Fund me to make my idea for a TF2 battle royale where all the POIs on the map are entire TF2 maps like 2fort and granary, and it's teams of 9 with one of each class

Lovecraft? More like Lovedaft. Lovecruft. Shitecraft. *rude finger*

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