the youtuber-etc situation of "creators make their living by publishing their work through some website so their entire life is subject to the inscrutable whims of that website" is so common and also so completely fucking insane. the internet has gone all wrong.

that situation is not only unjust, it also makes no sense with what the internet is. anyone can put shit on the internet, but everyone is passing their work through the few massive hostile meatgrinder "platforms" that have an existing audience

most people who upload videos to youtube have no idea how to get a video watchable on the internet without youtube, or some youtube clone, and that's the only reason youtube gets to exist. discord and slack exist because there's a slight learning curve to irc

what you need is people making wrappers on these slightly-difficult systems to make them not-at-all difficult (✅) but like, not as a venus flytrap

all the video on the internet shouldn't be centralised anywhere. links exist. youtube is bullshit. everyone should have their shit up on their own server they rent somewhere, the way you pay for data on your phone or whatever. part of your isp package

one thing all these infernal machines have in common is it starts as a solution to a one-and-done problem - like "It's Not Obvious How To Share Video On The Internet". they solve that and then it's like, uh oh, what now. i guess we have to turn this into the cube from Cube

when it goes huge it probably goes through a phase of like "ah, this is an excellent platform, visibility is good, people will see my work and i will benefit" which remains the case for a year, coasts on myth for 7 years and by the time everyone hates it the exit's welded shut


if you go to remove yourself from twitter or facebook, you're gonna be like "ugh, all this data definitely is still on their servers though. i guess that's the price we pay for..." ...for fucking what? why couldn't that shit couldn't have been on a machine you owned or rented

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why couldn't there be a version of twitter where your profile and tweets are only visible as long as some little computer in your house is running. is there any *good reason* why there is no "power down your entire internet presence" button

@joewintergreen a little raspberry pi hosts all my bots here, and power + home internet reliability is usually pretty good but I notice when it goes out, and if it were anything more mission critical (email, website etc) it would be disastrous. Self-hosting from home is fraught in practice and requires huge IT skills. Agree that there should be better solutions for letting people own their data and its usage. Ad tech has made computing incredibly worse.

@jplebreton yeah, in practice I would expect most people would pay for offsite hosting of some kind. but not being able to meaningfully host your own social media presence is dumb as shit

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