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Okular is a fantastic KDE app that lets you view and annotate various document formats, including PDFs.

Did we mention it is fantastic? Well, you can help us make it even better!

Join us tomorrow, November 17, for an all-day bug-hunting session in #kde-bugs IRC channel on freenode.

More details about the Okular Bug Day here:

A win for privacy: Court has ruled that forcing someone to reveal their password is a violation of constitutional rights against self-incrimination. 😀💪

Here's how we protect your Tutanota password and your encrypted mailbox:

In case you missed it, has a search page for public domain eBooks:

It uses a custom DuckDuckGo search for ebooks in Gutenberg, Adelaide University, Wikisource, Gutenberg Australia, Gutenberg Canada, Faded Page, Standard eBooks,, and

If you know of any other sources of PD eBooks, especially non-English sources, let me know.

#eBooks #PublicDomain #Books #Literature #Libre

Research of almost 1m Android apps reveals how data from smartphones are harvested and shared, with nearly 90 per cent of apps set up to transfer information back to Google. Best get all your apps from @fdroidorg - guaranteed no data sharing with Google! 😀

.@nextcloud founder wins €20,000 award 🏆 and immediately donates winnings 💰 to joint Nextcloud - KDE e.V. fund to promote inclusiveness.

Drawing beautiful maps programmatically with R, sf and ggplot2 — Part 3: Layouts

RT Just in "@lessig lays out a working definition and theory of corruption that is at once simple and comprehensive, a devastating argument that #America is racing for the cliff's edge of structural, possibly irreversible tyranny." -


Un seul graphique suffit pour comprendre pourquoi cette tribune de "chercheurs" est absurde et dangereuse : stigmatiser les plus pauvres - qui ne sont pas responsables du réchauffement mais le subissent de plein fouet - plutôt que pointer la responsabilité des plus riches.

We will be releasing the first stable version on October 17th (6 months after the first announcement).

This will include circles, collections, federation, video uploads and more!

We can't wait. Thank you for your support! :pixelfed:

Travels in Hopeless-The tabletop RPG set on our rather strange island is here!! #rpg #game #graphicnovel #hopelessmaine #comics Signal boost greatly appreciated!

Krita, KDE's full-featured painting application, raises more than 5,000 € in donations in less than 48 hours.

"Go open today, there's no excuse not to" - our interview with Timo Aarnio, National Land Survey of Finland, about developing with public money as

BREAKING: Worst possible outcome in the European Parliament copyright vote: MEPs vote for , , a narrow exception for data-mining, no —plus a new IP right for sports organizers.

EU people! 🇪🇺

The second vote on #Article13 is this Wednesday!

Please call/mail your MEPs today and tell them to reject Article 13, as it would mean content filters on the whole internet.

MEP contact details:

Phone calls work best. If you can't phone, write an email *in your own words*. (Using your own words is really important!)

Your region may have more than one MEP, contact several if appropriate.

Please share 👍


The most popular "privacy" tool in Apple's Mac App Store was stealing users' browsing history and sending it to China

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