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Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube

A manhã começa. Fresca e convidativa. O sol surge no horizonte pintando o céu de azul as nuvens de rosa e fogo. O dia continua quente. O bafo de um inferno na terra. E o corpo liberta a água que é vida até a noite chegar e nos vencer acordados...

Hear the First Track From John Coltrane’s Lost Album: The Newly-Discovered 1963 Collection Will Get Officially Released Later This Month

#YouTube makes money from videos promoting extremism. Its algorithm radicalises viewers, because it wants people to be angrily clicking on more videos.

YouTube is tearing society apart by encouraging us to hate each other:

The most promising ethical alternative to YouTube is #PeerTube, which is decentralised and in beta testing.

You can support development of PeerTube to a release version at its crowdfunding page:

#DeleteYouTube #DeleteGoogle

Our plan to bring the Tutanota app to @fdroidorg is making progress:

We have just removed GCM for push from the app, the main requirement to realize the F-Droid publication! 😀 Here are details:

When I joined masto, I gravitated towards following creative peeps and noticed a thing that's pretty common to all of us: we feel guilty for promoting places that people can buy our work or otherwise support us financially. So I started the hashtag for that very reason. Got an Etsy page? Online store? Patreon? Selling a piece of art? Throw that tag on it. Do it with unfettered abandon. Everyone else: Look at that tag for artists to support. Buy their stuff. Help them create. <3

Explore 7,600 Works of Art by Edvard Munch: They’re Now Digitized and Free Online

Soviet-Era Illustrations Of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit (1976)

If you missed out on registration, please fill out this form and your accounts will be registered before registrations open tomorrow! The backup username is used in case your desired username is registered already.

When you look at the you see clearly the strategy of europe, and understand fully why so many want to exit...

A good, free libre software, alternative for the roleplayers around.

Watch a Video Essay on the Poetic Harmony of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Filmmaking

The early access beta is delayed for another day, and I have decided that it will not be limited to the first 100 users. Anyone can join. Stay tuned!

We all need a free alternative to YouTube!

PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software.

PeerTube is currently in beta version, that's why @Framasoft needs your help to pave the road to version 1.0!


(Framasoft is a small french non-profit, so do not hesitate to Boost this Toot to non-french user and invite them to help us fund PeerTube v1)

"The LocationSmart scandal is bigger than Cambridge Analytica. Here’s why no one is talking about it.

Wireless carriers are sharing your real-time location with shady third parties—and a bug lets anyone use that data to track you."

Found through @yaelwrites text on the subject

are tides from the "Web 2.0" era turning? majority in poll won't trade privacy for free (gratis) services

"63% in poll say they are not willing to give up their personal data for targeted ads to use an online service for free”