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João Patrício

@robert @federicomena oh! Yes. on those times the builders didn't make things thinking that the users were stupid, but that they will somehow learn. Nowadays computers are build to be user hazard free. Bad I sold those machines 😔

@robert @federicomena I wanted one of those... but my father just bought me a 286 with 516kb of ram. Before I was with a Zx Sectrum for many many years... still dread of the hours spent waiting to the k7 to load... gggrrrrrr... piiiiiii...grrrrrrr....

@federicomena from 8 mghz to 12 mghz... what a turbo boost. Quite usefull when playing Alley Cat and needing to turn it off.

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

Watch "The Hangman," a Classic Animated Film That Explores What Happens When No One Dares to Stand Up to Evil

Norwegian Consumer Council finds that Google and Facebook are not respecting GDPR through "default settings and dark patterns...meant to manipulate users...towards privacy intrusive options."

"Deceived by Design" report (PDF):

Original tweet:

Using Free Software to build a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable digital society - interview with Francesca Bria, CTO of Barcelona.

There is always someone waiting to teach you a lesson in the most caring and condescending way, isn't it?
And you just listen... If they want to do it, who are you to oppose? Let it be...

Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo - all of them allow third-party apps to read your emails:

Tutanota would never do this. We respect your privacy with automatic encryption to stop anyone from snooping on your private emails! Protect your mailbox now:

"The money that #Stockholm University saves at the cancelled agreement with large science publisher #Elsevier will be used to publish research in full Open Access journals.

According to Stockholm University, the transition to #openscience is slow and the publishing in hybrid #journals, where you publish separate articles Open Access in an otherwise subscription-based journal, does not urge the development quickly enough."

#OA #OpenAccess

Silicon Valley corporations exploit your data:

Take it back, check out these great alternatives for Google & Facebook: