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"The Cambridge academic at the centre of the Facebook data-harvesting scandal also had access to Twitter data, the social network has confirmed."

Ubuntu Touch is a community driven Operating System, where everyone can be involved in its continual improvement. In this article we find out how to report bugs and suggest features, which is a vital part of the development process:


Tenho nuvens no cabelo. Possibilidade de precipitação 80%. Vento forte na alma.

1.7.0 is available on @fdroidorg 🙂
You might need to force the old index format in fdroids settings in order to receive the update

« A malicious proof-of-concept Amazon Echo Skill shows how attackers can abuse the Alexa virtual assistant to eavesdrop on consumers with smart devices – and automatically transcribe every word said. »

Join the movement, spread the word!
No waiting list, no extended shipping times, no hassle:

Thanks to your patience and a lot of hard work from our team, the Fairphone 2 is now in stock on our web shop. #WeAreFairphone

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” -- Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

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