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I left Facebore, IG, WA & now i'm kicking this shite Twitter too. Way too much crap 'promoted' shite!!
Not that's likely, but if you did want to follow me, I'm on mastodon as @joffa

United States Of Horror

Ho99o9 (horror) - An unauthorized biography The first spores of Ho99o9 were identified by the CDC’s infectious disease unit in the outsourced offices of purgatory that are peppered all throughout New

@djmissmonique I have missed these fantastic podcasts (albeit I do listen to ur YT episodes) This was brilliant!!
Mind Games Podcast: Mind Games Podcast 087 (Live, Radio Intense 17.04.2019)

Truly cool. How wonderful. Great work by them.
Couple Spend 20 Years Replanting A Destroyed 4 Million Tree Rainforest | IFLScience -

Daughts Ranges footy game in Craigieburn. Typical footy day as winter starts to appear - grey skies, drizzle & coldish

Mmmm, not sure about this one. As long as i can remove it & install the VPN of my choice. But good work anyways @Purism: Purism Becomes PIA’s First OEM partner

Many moons ago i witnessed couple engaged in sex in window of flash hotel. To this day I'm effected by that as I continually look at hotels hoping to see more :-) Alas all i see today is room service cleaning a window where the act probably occurred last night. I gotta get a life

Here is a list of Free and Open Source Softwares for Android. Didn't find your apps? No problem, open a pull request now!

Thanks @storjproject & @Plesk I don't get much free stuff but when I do, I'm proud to say it's always something very cool & ahead of the crowd. That's your companies & product too. Not being a dev, I'm now waiting for @Nextclouders to add as a storage option. Thanks again

Never bothered seeing Bohemian Rhapsody as well, waiting for The Dirt - now that's way better!!! Thoroughly great film. Thanks @NikkiSixx

@Wood_rocket people must have a load of fun doing their work. Some great names they come up with too.
You Know 'Apex Legends' Is Huge Because It Has a Porn Parody - Motherboard -

Pretty darn impressive - I like it a lot.
Heatherwick Studio's ambitious 'stairway to nowhere' is complete -

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