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I'm into sci-fi, tech, decentralized web, open source, environmental activism (I was plogging before they named it), science, space, home automation.

Favorite authors: Philip K Dick, Robert A. Heinlein, William Gibson, Carl Sagan, Terry Pratchett

I have collected more than 40.000 scrobbles and almost 6000 artists on Last.FM since 26 Dec 2006.

I walked over 8.000 km wearing a FitBit band and once more than 100km within 24 hours… for fun!

I’m a big fan of Radio Paradise.

is an emerging standard to combine the W3c Linked Data Platform, which is like a file system abstraction for web resources, with the use of WebId's, which allow sort of resource permissions for the web. This way it allows you to have a 'pod' or server of your resources accessible with the permissions you specify, for the individuals and groups you specify. You can access things either with CRUD (get, put, delete etc) or with SPARQL read/write queries on resources.

@tekchip I think the idea is that each user has their own (physical or virtual) server where all their data lives, and multiple apps know how to access the data on that server. So it's decentralized as in everyone owns their own data, even if the applications accessing that data run on centralized servers.

Seems like there could be an interesting integration with #ActivityPub... Decentralized data on a federated network sounds like a win for user agency and ownership.

Created a new SOLID Pod on ; the SOLID applications seem to have less authentication issues.

@melvincarvalho I've made a small contribution to the solid-hacks gitbook which I think is an awesome initiative! I am planning to help out with more articles! Do you know more details about the Pods? How big can they be? Can we also host binary files in Pods?

One of my favorite pieces of must be Beyond Compare by Scooter Software. I've been using it for years now and I still get regular upgrades (version 4) and I'm still discovering cool features; eg scripting.

Also like how simple and low-key, yet awesome the company seems to be.

Think about it like this.

The advent of Masto has spawned a global conversation on how to get open source communication systems to work together efficiently and, more importantly safely from a humanistic approach.

The latest 'innovation' from the platform of a 'tech leader' such as Birdland is... increasing their character count.

Ha, yeah. I'm good right here. This is where all the fun stuff is happening.

The Wikipedia entry reveals more drama behind the scenes than on screen. Used to love this show as a kid back in the early nineties.

Who here used Opera Unite ten years ago? The old Opera guys were ahead of their time! Too bad the project was cancelled. Wondering why? There is almost no information left since Opera was sold.

Why is it that babies are so keen on throwing over towers? Is it because of chaos theory?

Was looking into getting a new subsidized phone to replace my aging Motorola Moto-x, but as I have a good company issued phone (iPhone 7) I’m going to save the money and the effort until later!

Oh wow, what a big fuckup. Such issues should never go through QA in a public ("stable") browser release. This is Google disrupting the Internet, again:

Keeping a bullet journal on paper is close to impossible at the moment because is a 24/7 occupation where breaks are used to catch up on lost sleep. The nights are tough, but luckily during the day he’s the sweetest , brightest little kid. This gives me the energy to recuperate.

MonsterID has moved to GitHub this year and I didn't even know

These randomly generated avatars (Identicons) have been around since 2007 and I still prefer them to default "person shapes" found in most apps. They're also more interesting to me then just random patterns

The algo is pretty simple and the parts can be adapted to be anything

So Facebook is doing image recognition on every photo you upload they add what the machine is seeing as alt text to the Facebook site.

My Facebook profile picture has this alt text "your Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, beard, closeup and indoor"

Love seeing my eight month old throwing stuff and chasing the toys around and then repeat the same thing over and over.

Putting a screaming eight month old to bed is exhausting

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