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lewd confession 

last night i was binge watching bob ross episodes with a pal, then ultimately we got frisky and banged, while bob ross was still on in the background, and i've never felt so guilty about anything

Just discovered that an instagrammer that I lurk on and touch myself on work next door (literally) from my workplace. We talked about doing it in the toilets. COMING NEXT: I'm loosing my job.

am I the only non-atheist gay guy here or what

@Gargron do you feel we could change the css/feel of the soon?

Putting the mouse on "éteindre" in three two one


i'm so stoked to see what masto livetooting eurovision is gonna be like

I really refrain myself from posting porn and dadbods in public.

My girlfriend just upgraded to a much better, much bigger 3D printer. You know what that means: 


So will Blizzard take off the bug in 3vs3? Let me MAIN bitches

I shaved my beard last night. Today I took a beer at lunch at M&S and the cashier asked me if I was legal (18 in France). I'm nearly 31.

The sick fuck who stole the dirty toilet brush in the first floor WC is requested to go clean the roadkill marks I left. Thanks in advance – the Students Affairs Department

So Mastofreaks, if I was to visit somewhere in Europe (I live in Paris) for a week in september, where would that be?

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