git, phpstan, psalm, phan, phpunit - Indispensable tools for refactoring php code.

What I need is phpstorm automatically switching to a bright theme at 12:00, and back to a dark theme at 15:30.

Sometimes my source code reveals information about my favourite text editor.

I'm delighted to see that the is still very alive. It reminds me to my

Twidere seems to be a Mastodon client as well. Nice...

I would love to see a tool that looks at composer.json to check for license conflicts.

Those who don't understand [markdown|git] are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.

We value your privacy. Except when we send you emails. Because we don't know how to send an email to many people without sharing the email addresses of all those many people.

So I created this account because I heard about mastodon on Late Night Linux.


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