Stardew Valley's online co-op is really good, just wish it supported more players per farm :(

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Sonic Forces would be pretty good if SEGA gave Sonic Team the time and resources necessary to make a game that does more than just look nice.

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We launched that at work the other day: โ€” a ongoing collection of random facts with illustrations! Everyone in the studio is putting their hands to it, itโ€™s kind of fun to work on, so I thought I might share it here :)

Also I made a mirror of our Twitter feed on Mastodon so that it is followable from the Fediverse!

Here it is: :mastodon:

There should be around 3 facts a week until we run out of ideas (hopefully never!).

That World of Light fight where you have to beat nine metal Mega Mans (Mega Men?) and then Dr. Mario in a stamina battle is kicking my ass.

One political/technical thought for the day: yes, FOSTA-SESTA is responsible for the #Tumblr diaspora, and it's responsible for causing similar harm at other sites. But don't forget that the corporations hosting these sites have been predatory data miners for years, and were never out to protect their users in the first place.

Federated services like Mastodon show us how the Internet should work: smaller servers, run by actual people, that have real privacy controls. #ByeTumblr

Those little Fiber One brownies are *way* too good for what they're meant to do.

For, I wrote about how 2018 was a landmark year for labor organization, unionization efforts, and worker's rights in the games industry.

We've got a long way to go, but just in these past twelve months we've seen incredible things.

My taste in music is mostly 'whatever Rachel and Griffin have recommended on Wonderful' and I think I'm better off for it, considering I hardly ever find new music to listen to.

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