Apparently my previous toot linking to my handle did not work for everyone. Here is the new handle in a format that should not get garbled:


I am shutting down this account, and moving to

That is my account, but you can follow it as if it was a Mastodon account. Please follow me at if you want to.

I did not think I would like Mojave’s Dark Mode, but after trying it for a few months I find Light Mode absolutely garish.

Saturday: Call plumber because heat stopped working.
Monday: Call plumber because water heater stopped working.
Later Monday: Call National Grid because water heater repair created a gas leak.

Current status: no hot water.

Does anyone want to buy my house?

That feeling when you have to call a plumber to fix your gas water heater two days after you had a plumber at your house to fix your gas furnace.

I enabled cross-posting from to Mastodon.

In response to the firing of Jeff Sessions and concern about the Mueller investigation, there will be a rapid response protest at 5pm Thursday in most American cities.

I released Unread and Feed Hawk updates to support the 2018 iPad Pro.

The Unread update required some design tweaks. The traditional layout would have put the title label right under the home indicator, and the iPhone X layout would have looked silly on such a wide device. I’m really happy with the device-specific layout changes.

Joking aside, please vote tomorrow if you have not already done so.

Do we get one vote for each email, text message, and phone call we receive reminding us to vote?

If you deleted the News app on your iOS device and get frustrated by totally busted links, check out ⛪️🍑

I was excited to see that Subscribe to Feed has been integrated into NetNewsWire 5 and works in Safari 12.

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