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John Evelyn

Since I've been quiet for ages, here's another little thing (also for my game The Collage Atlas)

Mk2 of my butterflies for The Collage Atlas - swapped out the sprites for actual 3D critters, tweaked the movement with a few sine wave modifiers to give them more...flutter

A bit of Sunday origami! Easily one of my fav things about YouTube is how many incredible tutorials you can find...!

👋Gosh it's been a while! 😀

Here's a little thing I'm working on: flocking butterflies for The Collage Atlas

Some reference photos of roses I've taken this week for my game

This windmill has seen better days!

I'm probably most active on Instagram so if you like my scribbles drop by there and say hi 👋

Hello! 👋 I've not been on here for a little bit whilst my game was moving into full production. Here's a few little snippets of what I've been working on:

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to share what I'm working on 🕵 are a couple shots of the current scribbles

It's my birthday 🎂 - to celebrate another year on this pretty green planet I've released my new 4 track EP. It's free, enjoy!

I've been working on ideas for music for my game on and off since a result I've ended up inadvertently recording an EP. I'm hoping to release it on Saturday.

It's a funny beast, since the EP is pretty loud in places and up-tempo here and there sounds a million miles away from how the same samples will be utilised in my game soundtrack. That'll be a far more spooky/hushed affair.

I took a couple of days out from drawing for my game...this is one of the resulting illustrations

I'm just really glad it exists.

I dipped back into No Man's Sky, though this time on PS4 (I had a terrible time with the PC version at launch - mainly due to a startlingly unstable frame rate).

But now it's stable: It's a slow, and at times very daunting thing, but it really is a little slice of MAGIC.

Complaints of it not being 'gamey' enough are being addressed, but in all honesty I don't think it needs to. It's best when being itself.

It's only a slightly less finicky inventory system away from being rather spectacular.

I've added some new illustrations to my art-test scene. What do you think?

I *finally* got a level 75 lazer for my Wing Diver last night, the trick was to punch the giant lizard on inferno.

EDF 4.1 is life.

I don't listen to much doom-y stuff these days, but this has those perfect spooky female vocals. Really nice production too:

How it begins...

here is a collection of illustrations that will feature in the opening area of my game. If you like my scribbles, say hi over on instagram @ johnwilliamevelyn

or if you're all tumblrrrryy then I'm at