Who are some of the best accounts to follow?

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Well you gotta follow @Gargron. He makes this site all alone, just him.

And of course @realtoddhoward is an essential follow.

Uhhh who else? Me, obviously, I'm amazing.

That's all I think. Hope ur having a great day!

@johngreen @Lumb @realtoddhoward I'm the admin of (and developer of Mastodon) so think of me as MySpace Tom - your default friend.

@johngreen blimey, there's so many... When I was new I followed the public timelines and picked out anyone that seemed cool! But now I follow well over 1,000 people so I guess most people are best here? 馃槀

lots of great suggestions in the replies, but here is a terrible suggestion: me. follow me.

@johngreen 史岬壦♂稖岬掅祼岬 J岽徥溕 G蕗岽囜磭纱 刷岬夅祲 矢岬掅禈 刷岬掅祾鈦

@bryn @johngreen This. 鈽濓笍 It's really all about BOFA. You should really check out BOFA if you haven't yet. 鉁

@johngreen Apart from just cruising the local & federated timelines, you might want to search the #FF (Follow Friday) tag and see who鈥檚 been recommended recently.

@johngreen its me john. everyone agrees i am the most wholesome poster on this site; the most humble as well,

@johngreen meet me in the denny's bathroom and i'll hook u up with some bathsalts bro

@johngreen considering most of your stories focus entirely on white people maybe follow all 10 black and Brown people on here starting with me.

@johngreen pretty weird that you're still posting and ignoring this but don't worry this tea is cold.

@johngreen Me.

Maybe if you follow @helldude he'll be active again.

Do not follow the wound cube.

@johngreen yes, big tiddy alf is a beloved and honored icon of the greater mastodon federation

@johngreen he's a beautiful, busty creature who brings joy to all us tooters

@johngreen holy shit its john green i thought you retired from social media after you ranted about loving the taste of cock and balls

@johngreen mastodon user @Joba also known as bort, he's very funny

We can only hope that John takes this recommendation to heart. To his cold cold centrist heart.

@johngreen i am a pretty good. also @garfiald is a big name. we are both huge fans or you're work!

@johngreen if you like Bob Seger I highly recommend following @matt

@johngreen me. Also I like yours books lmao. Okay now I鈥檝e flattered you, follow me and boost my ego. We can drink tea together in a tree. Unless you like brie, in that case you can鈥檛 drink tea with me.

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