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Most Johnly of Henries

Looks like Filecoin is hiring an army.

Great opportunity if you're an established software engineer looking to get into the decentralization space.

i am again dissatisfied with nearly everything.

Published my now-yearly roundup of top decentralization initiatives in 2017, featuring Blockstack, Brave, ActivityPub, Perkeep, Urbit, and many others.

Seriously, great work to everybody this year; highly anticipating an explosive 2018 for the dweb.

TIL that Brave supports IPFS natively and will support DAT urls very shortly.

Very, very cool. Interop between decentralization projects is a win that's hard to underscore. The browser level is where a lot of this decentralization functionality will truly shine.

See also the recent move from the Volokh group from WaPo to Reason, citing the same problems with anti-paywall preferences being the driving force behind their move:

Great essay from Kottke on patronage-based business models for web content. I think that donation-based & paywall-free patronage models will be the only successful business model for web content going forward.

Good commentary on the HN thread about building your own local fiber networks.

Has anyone thought about making a VPN-integrated browser, such that I can open up a "VPN incognito" tab that routes all rqeuests from that tab only through a VPN? Does that even make sense?

I follow almost no Japanese people and my federated timeline is entirely Japanese, haha.

I actually disliked Chamath Palihapitiya's speech immenseley. He started out by poo-pooing Facebook, which is cool, and then pivoted immediately to "and that's why you should become a soulless hypercapitalist AT ALL COSTS". Wait, what?

It's possible to get obsessed with anything, but obsession with money is one of the worst. Obviously in the world as it exists now everyone needs some amount of money to live, but above and beyond that there isn't much of a reason to be concerned with it.

Money conceals the social relationships which create it, lossily compressing them into a single dimension. It's a useful invention for exchange of grain or cattle between adjacent villages, acting as a sort of memory aid for mutuality, but its lack of information preservation also makes it easy for people to construct dysfunctional systems and societies.

It's a bit like premature rounding in mathematics. If you round all your fractional numbers then after a series of operations your calculations will turn into nonsense, and something comparable happens to human relationships with money systems if they become too elaborate and opaque.

Hey @mayel, there’s a bug on the registration form on the latest iPhone, Safari browser. Is there a repo anywhere for the landing page to submit pull requests to? I’d be happy to fix it.

I run a small Discord server roughly centered around games, music, anime, programming, technology, etc. If you're interested, hit me up and I'll find a way to get you an invite!

Tonight I discovered I am something called a "Novakian capitalist". I think I've finally unified my views on technology, economics, and social justice. I even published them -- very uneditedly -- for your perusal. Enjoy!