Which is your favorite poll?

Indianapolis has the most anal airport security in the world lol.

becoming productive is like putting on those “they live” glasses and realizing everything sucks

CFR podcast just referred to him as “Paul Manafart” and I can’t stop giggling

Every restaurant should be legally required to serve non-iceberg side salads. This is common sense, people.

A very interesting (and pretty long) account of the forces behind China's delay in achieving modernity.

It is in need of editing, and in need of more editing the further you get, but the analysis is convincing and pretty clear, and has many curious asides, such as the adventures of young Herbert Hoover in Qing China.

I had a pretty clear idea already why Japan had a Meiji restoration and China didn't have an equivalent, but this text draws the lines further back and makes a better documented case than just "the central administration was too strong and too weak at the same time".

I now have a better understanding of the forces behind the Taiping Rebellion and a better idea of why the CCP praises it. And while I still think the Chinese Revolution in 1911 was a huge mistake, I'm less sure that is was avoidable, or that Japan would have wrecked China any less without it.

Almost every section of the article makes me think a whole bunch of what-ifs.



photography and parkour are basically the same discipine

Absolutely love Google Domains.

I used Namecheap for many years until they let one of my domains expire with zero email notifications.

Seems like a bug on their end, but too big a bug to let happen twice.

Quitting Twitter wholesale is equivalent to medical technology during the civil war; extremely brutal amputation as a last-ditch effort to stop a spreading infection.

Looking for something closer to 1960s+ technology, something more akin to modern surgery.

@ultimape Hey; I have the next 2 days allotted to work on Twitter archival / Mastodon migration; would be happy to collab if you’re around

Looks like Filecoin is hiring an army.

Great opportunity if you're an established software engineer looking to get into the decentralization space.


Published my now-yearly roundup of top decentralization initiatives in 2017, featuring Blockstack, Brave, ActivityPub, Perkeep, Urbit, and many others.

Seriously, great work to everybody this year; highly anticipating an explosive 2018 for the dweb.


TIL that Brave supports IPFS natively and will support DAT urls very shortly.

Very, very cool. Interop between decentralization projects is a win that's hard to underscore. The browser level is where a lot of this decentralization functionality will truly shine.

See also the recent move from the Volokh group from WaPo to Reason, citing the same problems with anti-paywall preferences being the driving force behind their move:


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Great essay from Kottke on patronage-based business models for web content. I think that donation-based & paywall-free patronage models will be the only successful business model for web content going forward.


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