Absolutely love Google Domains.

I used Namecheap for many years until they let one of my domains expire with zero email notifications.

Seems like a bug on their end, but too big a bug to let happen twice.

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@johnhenry I'm kind of a fan. They aren't always the cheapest but their site is real easy to use. If they upsell it's so gentle I don't even notice. Maybe I'm just desensitized by so many years of GoDaddy back in the day. 🤣

@johnhenry Agreed! I got off their service several years back. #NoDaddy I'll have to have a look at Google's domain offerings. Thanks for making the suggestion!

@tekchip The UX is really the best I’ve seen so far. I bought 5 domain names in like 20 seconds with zero hassle.

@johnhenry Is the pricing pretty good? Wide selection of TLDs?

@tekchip Yep, pricing was good. I didn’t test all the crazy TLDs, but they support .io which is all I need. And some common ones like .house and .club etc

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