What’s the best Mastodon iPhone app?

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@johnhenry can't you just do something like "save on desktop" from the web app ?

I'm on Android so I don't know the exact words they use on iPhone, but it's a progressive web app, so you should be able to do that.

@caillou I have done that, but there are several annoying properties -- drafts get erased if you "tab out" of the app, you lose your scroll position in your current view, etc. Actually those are the two main big ones.

@johnhenry Amaroq or Tootdon - opinions differ, so try both and see which suits. Saving the web link to desktop doesn’t work for some abstruse reason, I think.

@ghost_bird Yeah, my main issue is that it wipes your draft if you "tab out" of the app. I'll try these, thank you!

@johnhenry Amaroq‘s what I use. The only thing I miss from the web interface is the custom emoji picker.

@johnhenry Tootdon gets my vote right now, you can ch age the theme back to ‘Mastodon’ in setting too if the teal is too much. :)

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